CSLI Italy, District “TOSCANA”


Inauguration of the
Tuscany District of CSLI Italia

21st October 2017

Antonio Virgili  Report by Antonio Virgili             

TUSCANY – According to the territorial organization of the CSLI Italia in the Country, we are now activating several local Districts to obtain a better link with territorial diversities, needs and different activities. Some of the CSLI Italia Districts also have a Nucleo Operativo di Protezione Civile – NOPC (our civil protection operating groups). On 21st October we have the pleasure to inaugurate the activities in Tuscany, by a suggestive ceremony at the famous XVIII Century Montenero Sanctuary, at the presence of H.E. the Bishop of Livorno, the Questor (head of State Police) of Livorno, representative of military bodies (Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Polizia), Civil Protection groups, local institutions.


The “Distretto Toscana” will form, following our national and international standards, new local operators/members both for volunteering and for civil protection activities. They have choose to specialize in the field of recovery and protection of artistic and cultural heritage and assets, a significant choice in Tuscany, one of the Italian regions well-known in the world for its art treasures.  


The protection of historic artistic goods could thus become one of the areas that will characterize CSLI in Italy. Contacts and preparatory work are in progress to start training and practical training at museums and historical sites. From Livorno CSLI will seek to consolidate its qualified presence throughout Tuscany, also through a constant relationship between the headquarters and the local delegates. The CIC Lt.Gen. Antonio Virgili and two officers of the CSLI Italia presided over the event wishing the best results to new local CSLI Members.