Leadership Academy – Basics

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Dear Functionaries!
Dear Commanders!
Dear Staff Officers!
Dear Officers!
Dear Comrades!

Vienna, April 2020

Today I address you in my function as Union Commander and at the same time I appeal to your officer’s honour and your understanding!

What is this all about?

It has been pointed out to me from various sides and I have noted also myself that (unfortunately) only a few comrades of all the groups addressed are able to give competent and also correct information when asked about the Lazarus Union.

First of all this is rather embarrassing and also does not cast a positive light on us at all.

All documentation and information necessary can be found on our web site and in packed yet complete form in our new chronicles respectively by downloading our history pages from the web site.

As I am responsible to the board and to the Lazarus Union for all promotions and also responsible for the knowledge and training of all officers I will with immediate effect not appoint anymore to any rank from 2nd Lieutenant CSLI, 2nd Lieutenant CSLI NC, Flying Officer CSLI Air Wing, and equal onwards if this (really necessary) basic knowhow is not present and verified.

Officers of these levels are commanders and also act as a role model and as such must possess the necessary knowledge and with staff officers this should be self-evident. On one hand nobody is forced to become a Lazarus Union officer but on the other hand nobody should expect the Lazarus Union to appoint officers without appropriate qualification.

The responsible commanders are therefore requested to ensure that the corresponding modules have been successfully completed before submission or submission of an officer’s rank or promotion. Without a positive test result the highest rank appointed currently is First Lieutenant (or similar).

I ask for your understanding of this necessary measure

With comradely regards

Union Commander in Chief of the Lazarus Union