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Lothar Gellert GM 250

Prof.DDr. Lothar Gellert

  Wappen Gellert GM HG weiß 200
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 Grandmaster of the
 Knighthood of Honour
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Joining the LAZARUS UNION:
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Personal Motto:
Professor Dr. Dr. hc (UA) Lothar Gellert
15 September 1957, Göttingen, Germany
Married with Christina Gellert, 1 Son, Jan-Philipp Gellert
DE 49525 Lengerich, Großpeterstraße 41, Germany
General Plenipotentiary and Grandmaster of the Knighthood of Honour
Omnia Vincit Amor




Elementary School in Göttingen-Weende
High School Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Göttingen
University Georgia Augusta in Göttingen with 1st State-Exam
Preparatory Service with Law Firms, Courts, Public Administration and Public Prosecutor’s Office, closing with 2nd State Exam


Ministry Official
Seconded National Expert
Special Customs Advisor 
Professor of Customs Law
Honorary Doctor                                
Own Law Company
German Ministry of Finance
European Commission
Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Federal University of Administrative Sciences
University of Finance and Customs, Dnipro, Ukraine


In 2014 I had the first contact to a Knightly Order in Germany when I spoke to the Grandmaster ret. of the German Knightly Order of St. Michael, learning that it is so easy to help other people around. That was the starting point for my knightly career, which began within this aforementioned Order. Through this Order I met in the course of time many worthy people, who shared the same ideas like me: To help needy persons and try to do as much good things as possible.


  • Grandmaster of the German Knightly Order of St. Peter Paul
  • Knight within the German Knightly Order of St. Michael
  • Knight Officer within the Knightly Order of St. Michael, Vienna
  • Knight within the Sovereign and Dynastic Order of Takovo Cross
  • Special Advisor to the Royal House of Obrenovic for Austria and Germany
  • Knight Officer within the United Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem
  • Knight within the Order of St. Joachim
  • 1st Lieutenant KuK Armeestand
  • 2nd Leader of the Shanty Choir “Original Osnabrücker Windjammerchor”



  • Commander’s Cross of the Radetzky-Order
  • Insignia of a Knight of the Equestrial Order of the Golden Spur
  • others from private associations


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