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We ask for your attention and understanding that this is a pure working session without social programme and without guests, in compliance with the pandemic rules valid at the time, to meet the official requirements and to fill vacant positions.

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Ukraine aid

On the fourth day of the war, Bernd Höhle (Vice-President & Deputy Union Commander of the Lazarus Union), Raymond Schulz from the Raymond Schulz Medical School in Köthen and regional politician Frank Wyszkowski travelled with a team of 14 people, including 6 Ukrainians and 2 Russian citizens, with 7 vans to the Polish-Ukrainian border near Lemberg.
The vans were fully loaded with relief goods which were handed over on site.
There were very moving scenes of the masses of refugees, women and children, who often already have a flight odyssey behind them. Desperate people who want to escape the horror of war. Buses with refugees arrive every minute.

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