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Welcome to the website of the Navy Corps of the Lazarus Union.

International seafaring is an omnipresent part of the history of humankind and is active in almost all countries of the world. Some landlocked countries do not have seafaring in the usual sense but they maintain the naval traditions on their lakes and rivers.

Generally speaking, naval comradeship is therefore an international part of most countries and, for this reason, is an indispensable part of the Lazarus Union.

From this point of view naval comradeships have been found in some Member States. Furthermore, numerous members within our Lazarus Union are animated by the spirit of seafaring and can be proud of a seafaring education. This was also the reason for the founders of the Lazarus Union to allow an own internal navy uniform.

In order to combine all these maritime energies, the CSLI Navy Corps was founded as a head organization. With the Navy Corps Commander, this head organization has the task to gather information, to organize meetings, to organize training courses and practical trips and to unite the great family of maritime enthusiasts.

As Navy Corps Commander, it is a great honor for me to perform this function for our members. I am extremely pleased to give you advice. Of course, in the future we will carry out some actions to bring the spirit of naval comradeship to life!

Viribus Unitis

The Navy Corps Command