Projects of he the “Sword of Freedom” Special Corps of the Lazarus Union


SOF Operations and Projects

Projects othe the Sword of Freedom Special Corps of the Lazarus Union

A report by Gen CSLI Bernd Höhle, Commander SOF


Here is a brief report on the five current projects of the SOF, for information.


An RTW / Ambulance and a dental practice facility, including transport from Germany to Paraguay, is being co-financed by us and will be delivered to Paraguay at the end of the year. I will travel in person for the hand-over (at their own expense).


45 families have become homeless due to a major fire in the slums of Manila.

People who were already poor have now lost family members and all their belongings including their house.  We are financing material for the rebuilding and coordination with local helpers.  We are also receiving manpower and logistical support from the CMO Battalion of The Philippine Army, who we have supported on several occasions.  The on-site coordination is handled by our Swiss comrade, Andy, who is living in Manila.

I have already reported on this project to you, now funding is largely in place and it needs to be implemented, so this week we will proceed with the operation.


We will donate to the earthquake victims.

After the severe earthquake our representative locally, Dr. Shiva, who has opened up a hospital with us in the past, established Medical camps and will distribute food, hygiene products etc. to the needy.  Some of his own circle of friends have also been killed.  I have known Dr. Shiva for more than 10 years, first in Thailand and then on my visit to Nepal, he is a good-hearted and selfless man.


Inclusion Requires Action” & Mobi-day ( )

We will actively participate in this initiative.  We were asked whether we could undertake the entire programme around self-defence and martial arts for wheelchair users and the elderly.  I now have some qualified colleagues we can apply to these projects.


We will use School building no. 2 in the service of another school building in the Volta Region of Ghana and co-finance this.  The King of the region is known to me personally, he has already completed 3 of the 6 school rooms and has proven to be very reliable.  I personally inspected two of the finished rooms in 2014.  Financing is on a pro rata basis according to completion and documentation of each individual room / construction phase.

With comradely greetings

Bernd Höhle
Gen CSLI and Commander SOF