Investiture 2020

wappen_csli_ehrenritterschaft_endfassung_450 Kopie

The place of investiture and Details will be announced in April !


The next investiture will be again an extraordinary event. We want to celebrate our 10th anniversary and we don’t want to use donations for this and therefore we created the Jubilee Medal for limited production of 300 pieces. The participation fees will be between EUR 80.- and EUR 90.-. In these fees, the Jubilee medal and the fee for the reception after the investiture are included. The net profit will invested into our international projects.

For the financing of this Event, this “Jubilee Medal” on the basis of the new insignia is created. It costs EUR 30,- (triangle ribbon with ribbon bar). In addition the Miniature is offered for the price of EUR 10,-. For each Jubilee Medal a personal decree will be issued.  The Medal only can be purchased in our WEB SHOP.

Original Medal Enlargement of the Medal
(Initial draft)
 Entwurf 7 FINAL mit Dreiecksband ORIGINAL  Entwurf 4  a Jubiläumsmedaille Originalminiatur

Jubiläumsmedaille mit HG 900