Investiture 2019




Invitation to the
15th Investiture
of the Lazarus Union
Knighthood of Honour

Vienna, December 2018

Dear Dames and Knights of Honour!
Dear Postulants!

Our last three investitures (Wiener Sängerknaben, Stift Göttweig and the Theresianische Militärakademie) were very impressive events indeed and also very extensive and as such can hardly be topped (regarding efforts and costs). Yet, I personally have (sorely) missed the “spirituality“ of such an investiture.

So I want to go back to the roots and have our 15th investiture performed at our seat and castle. I have already spoken to Count Hans-Christian Wilczek and his bailiff and received their permission for our investiture on April 4th, 2019.

I have already visited castle Kreuzenstein and have drawn a sketch showing the room and the optimal seating order (see attachment). As you can see, the small but nice chapel of castle Kreuzenstein cannot accommodate more than 70 persons.

What does this mean? Mainly this:

  1. Only Dames and Knights of Honour as well as Dames/Knights Expectant and postulants are admitted to this investiture.
  2. The number of persons admitted into the order will be limited to 13 persons. The split (expectants / postulants) will be discussed in the chapter.
  3. No external guests will be invited and (unfortunately) also friendly organisation cannot participate. The limit to 70 persons also means that neither relatives nor friends of Dames/Knights of Honour or candidates cat participate. We will celebrate THIS investiture in private and hopefully feel more spiritual power as it felt during the previous investitures (at least to me).

The agape after the investiture (we plan a stand-up buffet which will be a treat after 1½ hours of sitting) will either be in the inner ward (weather permitting) or in castle premises (a private loggia with a great view of Vienna) which are normally not open to the public and where we can enjoy the terrific ambience of the castle. Those premises allow for us to be flexible with regard to the weather situation.

This is the planned basic schedule:

  1. Participants arrive between 16:00 and 16:15. Register at the reporting point! This will be either in front of the castle or inside it (Yet to be clarified!).
  2. Gathering in front of the castle gates at approx. 16:50. Marching to the inner ward.
  3. Gathering in the inner ward and preparing for marching into the chapel.
  4. 17:00 Begin of the investiture with the “Knight’s Fanfare“.
  5. 18:20 end of the investiture and walkout from the chapel into the inner ward.
  6. 18:30 Begin of the agape and enjoyment of the ambience of our “order seat“.
  7. 20:00 official ending of the event.

This investiture will also support our international project “medal of blessing“. Therefore we ask for a “participation fee“ for this investiture. This fee shall not only cover our expenses for the event (including the agape) but any excess amount goes into the budget we plan to hand over to His Holiness Pope Francis (for his personal disposal!) as revenue from our medals of blessing.

Payment of the fee will also be considered as registration for the event and means that the participation at the investiture is guaranteed. Applications will be taken in the order of their arrival. It shall not happen again that many many people sneak into the agape without payment (as had happened during the last investiture) and not pay their part of the costs. This “sneaking in“ had cost the LAZARUS UNION a lot of money! So it will not be possible to pay on-site as all places will be occupied by then! Participation fee (including buffet and drinks) will be EUR 65.-.

Important: Registration for the investiture must be done until February 28th, 2019, latest (including payment)!

The reason for this is not only the limited number of places but also the fact that many applicants from foreign countries need to plan their participation well in advance. I am really looking forward to a very different investiture!

“VIRIBUS UNITIS“ and best regards Your



In the castle there is always a lot of work to do. So I plan to offer to our patron Hans-Christian the assistance of the LAZARUS UNION for set-up and clean-up tasks. What is your opinion on this?


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