CSLI Uniform

Dear Comrades!

The CSLI is a uniform-wearing relief organisation and as such openly acts against the current ousting of all forms of uniforms from official support and rescue services. Every active CSLI service man/woman is responsible for obtaining his/her uniform and all accessories at his/her own expenses. But sustaining members not wanting to wear uniform are most welcome to assist in plain clothes during various operations like air days or homeless and handicapped persons support events. There is no compulsion whatsoever in the CSLI to wear uniform.

BUT when the uniform is worn it must adhere to the regulations and be in unstained condition. The corresponding and responsible CSLI commanders have not only the right but the duty to exclude CSLI members from events if their uniform does NOT comply with the regulations. This is NO depreciation but a gesture of respect towards all other comrades obeying the (necessary) uniform regulations. All uniform wearing persons (not just those from the CSLI) are in the focus of the public so the board of management  of group members!

It is forbidden to use badges of rank, function badges, sleeve badges etc. on group member´s own “club uniforms”!

Prof.Dr. Lothar Gellert
General Plenipotentiary

The web shop is operational again and is now being continued in the wellknown excellent manner under the roof of the Administration Team. In order to be able to use synergy effects in the procurement on the one hand and the design of uniforms and uniform components on the other hand, the tasks of the Uniform Representative are also carried out by the proven Administration Team in the subdivision of “Uniforms and Procurement” as part of a reorganization.