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Dear comrades!
Dear friends and supporters of the Lazarus Union!
Dear visitors of our website!

Vienna, June 2016

Finally after months of work the time has come to present our new website with a new design and a new structure. A structure that invites for easier “surfing” and presents the Lazarus Union to an interested audience.

The “CSLI Web shop” has also been completely redesigned and now provides for a pleasant “online shopping experience”.

Our Secretary General Oliver Gruber-Lavin did most of the work. He not only provided a new graphic design for the new website after months of “hard work”, he also edited and redesigned the structure of the new website. Oliver also collected ALL historical pictures and reports of the past ten years of our existence and included them into the new site.

Many, many especial thanks to him!

The new search functions and topic suggestions provided lead directly to the issues which are most dear to our heart so that every one of our interested visitors can easily read and inform himself or herself.

Have fun with our new website! We also kindly ask for comments and suggestions for improvement. We all develop ourselves further, so why not also our new website?

Lazarus Union Web Team


Plakat Flugtag 2016 NEU 200


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The NEW edition of the 13th

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Homepage “Lazarus Magazine”

Video Clip about the
Music Corps of the Lazarus Union

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Video Clip about the
Honour Guard of the Lazarus Union

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Video Clip about the
Knighthood of Honour

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Video Clip about the
Flying Days for disabled People

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Video Clip about the
CSLI Corps “Sword of Freedom”
of the Lazarus Union

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Video Clip about the
LAZARUS UNION International

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Videoclip about the delegates of the LAZARUS UNION to the
United Nations

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Formationsabzeichen GOLD roh 200 BOARD ohne HG

New “Formation Badges” Click the Picture!


Dagdas ENG


Please note that because of Austrian financial laws (obligation to use electronic cash register for cash business) we are forced resp. bound to giving out these badges only after the money has been transferred to our bank account. These badges can be purchased by everybody. Purchasing the badges does not automatically entitle the owner to wear the badges in public without permission and a decree. Procedure: select – order – payment (in advance by transferal or PayPal) – delivery (after payment receipt).


Thumb Folder LU 2016 Information about the LAZARUS UNION:

NEW Februar 2016 !

(now 36 pages)

(PDF File for printing, please click the picture!)

Note: Print double side, fold it in the middle and cut it 10cm!           

Titelblatt_LM_12_en The NEW SAINT LAZARUS MAGAZINE is here!

Issue 12/December 2015

We thank very much BgdrGen CSLI Sven Tratschitt for this issue!


For the German version click the picture !

For the ENGLISH version click HERE !

E-book version GERMAN click HIER  !

E-book version ENGLISH click HERE !


Within the framework of events of the LAZARUS UNION-CSLI video recordings and / or photos can be made. By participating in these events, the participants are agreed with the publication of these recordings.

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