Executive Staff

Chief of Staff (COS) N.N.
General Adjutant Ass.Chief of Staff N.N.
Operating Staff Division Oliver M. Gruber Lavin
Special Force Division Oliver M. Gruber Lavin
International Operation Univ.Prof.DDr. Lothar Gellert
International Groups Wolfgang Leithner
Group Commander Group 5 N.N.
Group Commander Group 6 Godwin D´Anstasi
Group Commander Group 7 P. Grzegorz Badziag OFM Cap
Orders & Association Members Rudolf Murth
Commander CSLI Navy Corps Marcus Reichenberger
Commander CSLI Air Wing N.N.
Chief Medical Officer Univ.Lektor Dr.med. Gabriel Halat
Chief Music Officer Kplm. Friedrich Lentner
Intentional commissioner for women’s affairs Mag. Sandy Tomsits
Executive Officer (EO Naval Affairs) Sen.Rat Dr. Rainer Gottwald
Executive Officer (EO Legal Affairs) RA Mag.jur. Alexei Belokonov
Executive Officer (EO Legal Advisor) Simon McIlwane
Executive Officer (EO Legal Advisor) Mag.jur. Viktor Szontagh
Executive Officer (EO Ambulance) Sen.Rat.Dr. Rainer Gottwald
Executive Officer (EO to Army) Univ.Prof.Dr. Josef Schramm
Executive Officer (EO EDV) N.N.
Executive Officer (Legal Advisor GB) Colin Lee
Executive Officer (Webmaster) Oliver M. Gruber-Lavin
Executive Chief Press Officer(Press) Christina Gellert
1st Sergeant Major of the CSLI N.N.