Foundation Cross of the Lazarus Union

Thanks to a special trust created by the founders of CSLI, CSLI is able to honor donations by awarding the “CSLI Foundation Cross“ for the time in three different levels.

The crosses are awarded to individuals as an expression of appreciation and gratitude and as a decoration in exchange for a donation.

These donations are used to finance our projects. The net profit proceeds from this initiative go 100% to humanitarian and charitable projects of the CSLI.

All insignia fees are in EURO and are the requested donations for the certain level of the award.


ORIGINAL picture of the “Foundation Cross in Gold and Silver”

Gründungskreuz GOLD 300        Gründungskreuz SILBER 300


The insignia and the decree (only if You order the original Insignia) will be sent via registered post mail. It is IMPORTANT and don´t forget, that the right name, title(s) apearing on the decrees, must be given exactly together with the compete adress!

You may donate and order these insignias from our WEBSHOP

But it is GENERAL the rule for all given decorations, awards and insignias in honor of the awardees,  that award winners may be neither sold nor given away them to third parties in their lifetime!