Navy Corps Honour Decoration

ICON - navy corps decoration

Honour Medal Navy Corps

Awarding Guidelines:

In general: This decoration will be awarded for outstanding personal merits concerning the maintenance of the worldwide navy tradition, the comradeship at sea and ashore, the worldwide maritime shipping and the promotion for the ideas of inland and maritime shipping.

It is not possible to submit an application for yourself!

Honour Medal: For outstanding personal Merits

 aEhrenzeichen des Navy Corps 300  Navy Corps EZ 1 a Miniaturbänder mit Ringen und ORIGINALMINIATUREN 1 

Honour Medal 1st Class: For continuous and outstanding personal Merits

 Blank Form NC Originala  Navy Corps EZ 2  a Miniaturbänder mit Ringen und ORIGINALMINIATUREN 2

Great Honour Medal in Silver: For extraordinary and outstanding personal merits

Blank Form Silberstern NC Original 450  Navy Corps EZ 3   a Miniaturbänder mit Ringen-Insignie und Silberstern GLATT 3

Great Honour Medal in Gold: For extraordinary, continuous and outstanding personal Merits

 Blank Form Goldstern NC Original 450 Navy Corps EZ 4   a Miniaturbänder mit Ringen-Insignie und Goldstern GLATT ORIGINALMINIATUREN 4

Special level: Neck Cross for very special, extraordinary, continuous and outstanding merits and support for maritime ideas

 Blank Form Sonderstufe NC mit Band ORIGINAL 500  Navy Corps EZ 5  a Miniaturbänder mit Ringen-Insignie und Goldstern GLATT ORIGINALMINIATUREN 5

Application form:

Download (PDF, 218KB)

An award of the Lazarus Union is given according to the merit in the appropriate degree and with the issuance and the receipt of the decree, the candidate (or the submitter) is entitled to acquire the respective insignia against payment of an insignia fee. The purchase of the insignia is absolutely voluntary and has nothing to do with the real award. We would like to hand out the decorations for free. Unfortunately this is impossible because we don’t want to use donations for this and there are also no receipts by membership fees. Nevertheless we want to keep the costs as low as possible. Unfortunately the costs for the production of the decorations are not as low as we would like to have them due to the magnitude of the insignias. For the new decorations the following insignia fees are valid (however these fees can be waived by a resolution of the Board or the General Plenipotentiary):

Medal of Honour: EUR 30,-; Ribbon EUR 5,-: Miniature EUR 8,-.
Medal of Honour 1st Class: EUR 45,-; Ribbon with Rosette EUR 12,-; Miniature EUR 10,-.
Great Medal of Honour in Silver: EUR 75,-; Ribbon with Rosette EUR 15,-; Miniature EUR 20,-.
Great Medal of Honour in Gold: EUR 95,-; Ribbon with Rosette EUR 20,-; Miniature EUR 25,-.
Special stage: These insignis are generally awarded free of charge!
Cost for delivery: Austria EUR 6,-; Europe EUR 16,-; outside Europe EUR 25,-.

On the one hand it is granted with this procedure that merited persons get an appropriate honour of their merits (without having in mind the “economic” costs) and on the other hand that for these awards the Lazarus Union does not have to use donations.