CSLI Germany – Christmas donation

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Christmas bags for people in need

Report by Sven Dietel and Sven Tratschitt

BURGKUNSTADT – On 20th December 2018 representatives of the CSLI Germany and of the STK Lettenreuth came together in the premises of the “Tafel Burgkunstadt” in order to hand out the Christmas gifts for the ninth time in a row for the clients of the “table for people in need”.

The distribution started on 3 o’clock p.m. and already at 12 o’clock the first families waited in front of the doors of the town hall. They could not wait to receive the presents. This year the kids got 120 bags with sweets and the adults 74 bags with sausages.

The National Commander Sven Dietel thanked all members, friends and sponsors for the support of the Christmas campaign especially the STK Lettenreuth, the Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem (Grandpriory Germany) and the Rewe-supermarket Höppner who especially helped to realise this project.

The volunteers of the „Tafel Burgkunstadt e.V.” were very happy about the recurring generous donation of the Corps Saint Lazarus International und thanked on behalf of the executive board and all those who occupy the “Tafel”.


Sven Dietel, Katja Dietel with Alexa and Leni and Herman Dietrich Streit (CSLI Germany); 2 nd chairman of STK Lettenreuth Bernd Wenzel; secretary Ingrid Kohle (on the far left) and 2nd chairwoman Ulrike Kuhn (in the middle) (“Tafel Burgkunstadt)