Shoulder Epaulettes for CSLI summer dress

CSLI Navy Corps

WST Foto Admiral 500

  Generalbevollmächtigter in Navy Ausführung 1 Admiral mit Anker 4 Rosetten   Admiral mit Anker 3 Rosetten
General Plenipotentiary
of the Lazarus Union
Admiral  Vice Admiral
 Admiral mit Anker 2 Rosetten  Admiral mit Anker 1 Rosette  Offcerl Captain-Master
Rear Admiral Commodore Captain – Master
 Offcerl Sen. Commander Offcerl with scale Commander   Offcerl with scale Lieutenant Commander
Senior Commander Commander Lieutenant Commander
 Offcerl with scale 1st Lieutenant  Offcerl with scale 2nd Lieutenant  Offcerl with scale Ensign
1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Ensign
 Chief Master Chief Petty Officer CSLI NC Force Master Chief Petty Officer  Command Master Chief Petty Officer 
Chief Master Chief Petty
 Officer of the Lazarus Union
Force Master Chief
Petty Officer
Command Master Chief
Petty Officer
 Master Chief Petty Officer  Senior Chief Petty Officer  Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer
 Petty Officer  Corporal   Private 1st Class 
Petty Officer Corporal Seaman 1st Class

All other CSLI formations

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