Cross for science, research and arts


Over and over again we honestly emphasise: The Lazarus Union asks neither for application fees nor for membership fees. The Lazarus Union neither receives any public aid or grant nor has it ever asked for such.

So the Lazarus Union finances its various projects only based on voluntary donations and so depends on the money of the various distinctions which can be acquired by purchase and the fees for distinctions applied for.

Distinctions which cannot be applied for are in general awarded without fees but the persons awarded are free to place a donation to the Lazarus Union AFTER having been awarded. 

We consider this open, honest, and transparent towards all persons receiving a distinction from the Lazarus Union because also a “donation“  for a distinction which can be acquired by purchase is in our eyes worthy of an award!


Science, research, and arts constitute are very important achievements of mankind. Without those three fields we all would be doomed respectively lose important perspectives. By donating the “Union‘s Lazarus Cross for science, research and arts“ the LAZARUS UNION wants to set a mark.

Awarding guidelines:

Anyone who has notice of a person‘s scientific or artistic outstanding achievements is entitled to file an application directed to the board of management of the Lazarus Union that these persons shall be awarded (click HERE for an application form).

Such application will be examined by a board and in case of a positive decision the respective level of the award will be decided on.

Lazarus Crosses for science, research and arts“ awarded this way will normaly and mostly be awarded at no charges. This implies that also all insignia cost contributions will be mostly waived.

By this the donators of this award ensure that the award is not for sale and as such is a valuable and REAL honour not everybody can have as there are no commercial interests in this award.

The receiver will be informed and a ceremonial handover agreed. Again, no legal entitlement to the above-mentioned awards shall be constituted from an application. All decisions are final and not subject to legal appeal. Also other awards (according to the respective regulations) can be selected.

By filing any application for this award these terms and conditions are accepted and agreed on.

For the LAZARUS UNION the fact is important that this award can NOT just be purchased. One has to DO something to get it.

Description of the Insignia:

This elaborate and affectionately designed insignia consists of a cross with a layered middle medallion.

The cross is a double edged slightly flattened Maltese cross with eight points, separated in the middle, with a 60mm diameter and a 15mm golden circle in the centre.

At the eight tips are eight golden hemispheres. The white framing of the green cross (green as the colour of hope) between the wider outer and narrower inner edge is kept in green.

The middle medallion 15mm in diameter fits in with the middle circle of the cross. It has a subtle doubly structured edge in between which the LAZARUS UNION principles in Latin are arranged with a green background: “TOLERANTIA + HUMILITAS + CARITAS + MISERICORDIA.“ In a region of about 1cm² the Christ raising of Lazarus is depicted. This wonderful artistically engraved three-dimensional colourfully enriched illustration is the “eye-catcher“ of this insignia.

The cross and the middle medallion are carried out convex and such are suggestive of special elegance and three-dimensionality.

The distinction is awarded in four levels:

1. Officer Cross as pectoral cross
2. Commander Cross as collar cross
3. Grand Cross as pectoral cross with star
4. Grand Golden Cross of Honour

The pectoral crosses are worn on the left side.


Grand Golden Cross of Honour (verison for woman)


But it is GENERAL the rule for all given decorations, awards and insignias in honor of the awardees, that award winners may be neither sold nor given away them to third parties in their lifetime!