Leadership Academy – Tutition

Following the reorientation of the Lazarus Union as an international NGO with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, the training of prospective staff officers was subject to revision and fundamentally revised.

Based on the already existing knowledge of the participating officers, the Leadership Academy of the Lazarus Union prepares officers for their first assignments as staff officers.

The training is comprehensively designed and covers questions interdisciplinary, including political, social, historical, economic, ethical and technological perspectives. The examination of social developments is also an integral part of the course.

In addition to the content adjustments, the training of the staff officers in the Lazarus Union takes into account the new didactic-methodical concept of the academy. Action orientation and methodical knowledge come besides the mediation of basic theory knowledge even more than before in the foreground. The “acting” is put in the centre and the “wanting” and “ability” of the course participants is promoted. This requires the active cooperation of the learners. This creates the conditions for the prospective staff officers to develop their existing skills and acquire new competencies.

The TRAINING FOR OFFICERS at the LEADERSHIP ACADEMY contributes to this with performance evaluations and examination results.


Officer’s patent, to obtain the following ranks: Lieutenant CSLI- Captain CSLI*)

  Training Modules Exam Graduate Badge

Staff officer course, to obtain the following ranks: Major CSLI – Colonel CSLI *)

  Training Modules Exam Graduate Badge

Generalstaff course to obtain the following ranks: Brigadier CSLI or higher*)

  Training Modules Exam Graduate Badge

*) or the corresponding ranks in the Navy Corps / AirWing