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“… a vision continues …”

Dear comrades!
Dear friends and patrons of the Lazarus Union!

As founder of the Lazarus Union, I naturally continue to watch very closely the development and prosperity of the Lazarus Union, even if I no longer intervene “executively” in the leadership. It has been in good and caring hands again since 14th May 2022 of Oliver Gruber-Lavin

I ask you to continue to work according to the spirit of the Lazarus Union and its aims. Let us try to leave the world a little better than we found it. Anyone can do something about it!


Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt PhD (USA) h.c. SE
Founder of the Lazarus Union

Vienna, May 2022


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„… a vision becomes true …“

                                              Vienna, September 2019

Dear visitor of this homepage!

When I safely returned to Austria together with my family after a 5-year business stay in the Dominican Republic in 2005, I wanted to give back a little of all the good that life had provided for me.

I never was seriously ill, never was jobless, never was in money troubles, have a wonderful wife to which I am happily married for 49 years, have two   smart sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. More than enough reasons for me to do something for others, to make some charitable work, or so I thought.
A year later I made my decision and the LAZARUS UNION (under a different name by then) was founded in 2006.

What I would never have dared to expect, not even in my fondest dreams, was that

  • in 2019 the LAZARUS UNION would become a worldwide relief organization with more than 22.500 members in more than 120 countries,
  • the LAZARUS UNION would become an organization with “General Consultative Status as NGO with the United Nations“ and
  • in 2017 the LAZARUS UNION would get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

All this obviously impossible happened, a vision became true!

I founded the Lazarus Union in the year 2006 and  have been running the Lazarus Union until March 31st 2019 as General Plenipotentiary. I would like to thank you for the time I was able to spend with you as your General Plenipotentiary. In spite of all disappointments and setbacks I do not want to miss this time in my eventful and good life.

I wish all the best to the LAZARUS UNION and especially to my successor. I wish the LAZARUS UNION the success it deserves. The Lazarus Union was, is and will be in the future an organization that anyone can be proud of, who has the privilege to make his contribution.

A good time to all visitors of this homepage!

Wolfgang Steinhardt 250 NEU 2019

Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt
Founder of the LAZARUS UNION