CSLI The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland



CSLI is a voluntary service organisation. It provides its members with a structure and a vehicle through which to undertake the humanitarian and charitable work it delivers. An independent sister organisation to the Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus, it might loosely be described as part of the wider St Lazarus movement. The headquarters of CSLI are inVienna,Austria.


The principles of CSLI are four-fold: TOLERANCE, HUMILITY,  MERCY & CHARITY. Full details about CSLI at international level can be found at Lazarus-Union.org


Formed on 4th May 2011, CSLI UK group Command comprises the C-in-C, Adjutant, Group Liaison Officer, Group Publicity Officer, Group RSM, Admiral of the CSLI Navy, and Chaplain General. The national structure comprises Commands for North England, South England,Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. At some future stage, we may consider the possibility Command for the Channel Islands.

Service Activity in CSLI UK

We are very keen to promote the service aspects of CSLI, focusing our activities where, although we are small in number, we feel we can make a difference. Our members are encouraged to undertake training in the use of Defibrillator equipment (AED), and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). Both of these training activities are linked to our support for search and rescue, and search dogs groups. On AED, we are also looking at the provision of AED location information through technology sources.

Charitable Activity in CSLI UK

In addition to practical support, some of our members have made financial contributions to Lowland Search Dogs Kent (LSDK).

Ceremonial Activity in CSLI UK

As our numbers grow, we hope to offer the services of our members by forming a small Colour Party under the direction of the RSM. The Colour Party will assist in the investiture events of organisations with which our members are connected.

CSLI Navy Activity

A further option for the future is for the CSLI Navy to take part in a sea rescue role. Ceremonially, members of the CSLI Navy have links with HMS Victory, they themselves being members of the Order of St Joachim, of which Admiral Lord Nelson was himself a member.

CSLI College of Chaplains

The CSLI College of Chaplains is a wholly ecumenical body, indeed, CSLI welcomes men and women of all faiths and none. There are currently 2 Chaplains within CSLI UK. As well as looking after our spiritual well being, theCollegeofChaplainshas a role in the recruitment, appointment and assignment of Chaplains to the various Commands within CSLI UK.

Membership and Recruitment

We want to make CSLI in UK accessible to suitable candidates, both male and female, of all ages. In that regard, we are aiming to keep costs to an absolute minimum. We do not impose any fees for membership, beyond the international commitment for members to acquire one of the levels of the CSLI Foundation Cross within 12 months of acceptance as a member.


With cost in mind, the wearing of uniform is only to be compulsory for members of the Colour Party we intend to form, and we have sourced a basic working uniform to fulfil that need. All other members of CSLI in GB&I are of course welcome to wear uniform if they wish.

Meetings and Events

We have settled into a twice yearly meeting structure, with additional ad-hoc events through the year, usually in conjunction with other organisations.

Grand Perfect – Kighthood of Honour
Ian W. Tough
 Commanders in GB&I
  UK Group Command
CiC Steven Turner
  Wales  –  Fr. David Bennett
   North England– Colin Lee
  South England– N.N.
  South England– Deborah Demsey (Deputy Commander)
  [Channel Islands– possible Command under review]
  Adjutant – N.N.
  Group Liaison Officer – Howard Doe
  CSLI College of Chaplains
The Rt Rev Douglas Lewins is de facto members of Group Command as head of the College of Chaplains respectively.


Requests for more information, and expressions of interest in membership, should be referred to Steven Turner: steventurner1@gmail.com