CSLI Leadership Academy – 1st Course

The first course (module 10) for Knights and Dames Expectant was held on 6. and 7. February 2016. Eligible comrades have been invited by Name.

HERE is the report about!

Scheduled topics for this seminar have been:

  1. The Development of Medical Services
    Preparation for and missions at LAZARUS UNION events
  2. Technical Investiture Support
    Necessary or an enrichment?
  3. Member‘s Rights And Duties
    How to personally play an active part in the LAZARUS UNION?
  4. LAZARUS UNION Fundamentals
    On the basis of the mission statement explain appearance and conduct of members within the union and in public.
  5. LAZARUS UNION History
    Is the name substantiated with regard to history?
  6. LAZARUS UNION Projects
    Explain various LAZARUS UNION activities using actual examples.
  7. Ideas For Raising The LAZARUS UNION Awareness Level
    Info stand – indoor/outdoor – what preparations are necessary?
  8. LAZARUS UNION Membership
    From knight /dame expectant to member of the chapter
  9. LAZARUS UNION International – CSLI
    CSLI composition, structure, and sphere of influence
  10. LAZARUS UNION Ideals and Values
    Are they outdated today?
  11. LAZARUS UNION as an Organisation in Uniform
    Is this outdated today?