CSLI Italy starts new training courses

In Autumn start again training courses                                                                             

alexander-virgili   A report by Alexander Virgili, Captain CSLI


According to the plans to qualify CSLI Italia Members and to increase our operative group of Civil Protection (Nucleo Operativo di Protezione Civile), a second group of CSLI Members has attended a First Aid certified course (BLSD-PBLSD-CPR) realized in collaboration with our new partner ANSMI.

The course, that took place on 24th September 2016, is the second operative cooperation we have developed in the civil protection field and we are sure that several further actions will follow. In the month of September also started further internal courses for civil protection operators, both for new Members and for partially trained Members.

Among other courses organized by the Italian Corp there are some specialized on international law, NGOs and the UN system, explaining the role of the Lazarus Union in the ECOSOC. Continuous training is a must for efficient and professional civil protection volunteers, CSLI Italia has planned and organized a number of courses to obtain well qualified operators.

Courses will continue, alternating themes, for the whole next nine months. Some courses are realized in partnership with CSI – Centro Studi Internazionali, an Academic Impact Member.

Alexander Virgili
Captain CSLI
Coordinator of the CSLI Italia Civil Protection Group