NBC hazards and Civil protection, CSLI Italy

Public meetings on land risks assessment,
social vulnerabilities,
NBC hazards and Civil protection.


alexander-virgili  A report by Alexander Virgili

On 19th and 26th October the civil protection group of CSLI Italy has organized, in collaboration with the Humaniter Foundation, two meetings of information and prevention, open to the public.

The first meeting, on 19th, was devoted to an analysis of the hazards and of critical environmental issues present in the geographical area (seismic, volcanic, hydro-geological, etc.), their trends, assessments and the knowledge of the fragile characteristics both of ecosystems and of social structures.

Starting from a systemic and geographical analysis of an area it is possible to forecast possible events and to understand how to reduce risks.

The second meeting, on 26th, was devoted to the knowledge of how the Civil Protection System works, on the NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) and terrorist attack hazards, and to diffuse information on the best behaviors every citizen may have in dangerous and crisis events.

The aim of the meetings has been to improve the individual preventive actions and the personal resilience. The citizens attending the meeting were very interested in knowing not only general assessments but also some practical solutions provided for the seismic events that are affecting Italy in these weeks. Further meetings were required by people to be organized in the coming months.

Alexander Virgili
Captain CSLI
Coordinator of the CSLI Italia Civil Protection Group