Earthquake in Italy

Earthquake emergency in Central Italy
August 2016


On 24th August a powerful earthquake unleashed in Central Italy hitting mainly three Italian Regions and has destroyed several historical towns, more than 300 persons have died and a lot of families have lost their home. The Corpo Italiano di San Lazaro operative group of civil protection (N.O.P.C.) immediately has been activated to support the emergency in collaboration with local institutions.


The first commitment was to raise collective awareness of the event and to receive support from the civil society for a collection of materials to send to the affected area. Our members are collecting, selecting, listing and sending to the earthquake area several primary goods materials (food, clothes, personal hygiene products, etc.).


Although still a period of vacation for many, the members returned from the holiday have done their utmost to collaborate with local authorities and with other associations in order to collect the necessary materials to the population of the earthquake area.


In these days the operative group will continue its work in order to support as possible the emergency.

Antonio Virgili
Major General CSLI
International Vicepresident
and Commander of CSLI Italy

Alexander Virgili
Captain CSLI
Coordinator of the Civil Protection group
CSLI Italy