The Lazarus Union sets an example


Withdrawal of an award


The Lazarus Union sets an example by withdrawing one of the Union’s highest honours given to a certain person.

Mr B from S has been awarded with the „Grand Cross Special Level as neck cross with trophy“ on 1 December 2018.

Lazarus Union awards presuppose that the honoured person does not violate the ideals of the Lazarus Union and that its conduct is in accordance with the statutes of the Lazarus Union.

According to the statutes, the Lazarus Union is committed to human rights, justice and equal treatment.

We have now heard, and we have seen it ourselves in the media that Mr B has repeatedly violated the above principles. Mr B has appeared on several occasions and made disrespectful comments about women in a television programme on the mediation of women from Eastern Europe who want to marry.

In front of the camera, he explained that if he meets someone whom he likes, “then it’s called attack.”

In the further broadcast, a woman had to turn around in front of him because, according to his own statement, he “must also examine the woman’s backside.”

In the other show, he explained that he needed something “bounce and drizzling” when he let himself be heard about women.

The corresponding videotapes have been seen by several members of the Lazarus Union.

These statements made in public must be regarded as misogynistic and the statements in the way they have been made are in contradiction with the view of the Lazarus Union and its members.

In these television programmes, Mr B has recognizably presented the award given to him and thus presented it in a dishonourable manner.

The Lazarus Union has therefore felt compelled to withdraw with immediate effect the award ” Special Step of the Grand Cross of the Lazarus Cross of the Union ” and has asked Mr. B to return this award.

Mr B has also been prohibited from bearing the above award with immediate effect.

He has also been prohibited from selling the award or passing it on to third parties.

The purpose of this information is to remind all dignitaries that the Lazarus Union awards represent a high dignity and that they must not be worn on inappropriate occasions, especially when the dignitary is in the public spotlight at dubious events.


The General Plenipotentiary

April 10th 2020