The Administration Team of the Lazarus Union

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The „Administration Team“
of the Lazarus Union

 A portrait of an important and indispensable staff section of the Lazarus Union, that is supposed to provide answers to some questions that have been asked over and over again.

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In the reorganization of the Lazarus Union under its new General Plenipotentiary Prof. Dr. Lothar Gellert, the administration team has internally taken on important tasks and is directly subordinate to the General Plenipotentiary.

A key feature of the administration team is the fact that there is no “hierarchy” within the team. This means that all team members work on an “eye level” and with equal responsibility for the Lazarus Union. Depending on the adjacent projects and tasks, it is up to fifteen comrades who take on the most diverse tasks and also take over in these tasks.

Roughly speaking, the administration team is responsible for the entire administrative spectrum in the Lazarus Union and for the maintenance of communication or the transmission of wishes, suggestions, questions from members of the Lazarus Union, their friends and patrons to the General Plenipotentiary, unless there is already a direct basis for communication with the General Plenipotentiary.

The answers are not given on a “personal” basis and are therefore not given a name. The necessary correspondence is always signed with “the administration team”. In this way, any “personal sensitivities” are avoided, because sometimes the administration team also has to send “unpleasant messages”. Therefore, if “complaints” are to arise about the administration team, they must be addressed directly to the General Plenipotentiary.

Here is a rough and non-complete list of the responsibilities of the administration team:

  • Editing the homepage (not the structural support!)
  • Support of the WEB SHOP and warehouse management
  • Shipping of insignia and devotionals
  • Implementation of all payment transactions
  • Processing and provision of accounting documents for the Treasurer team
  • Procurement of insignia and devotionals
  • Processing applications for awards and forwarding them for approval
  • Issuance of decrees and certificates of award (exception: member decrees and rank decrees, which are exclusively the responsibility of the General Plenipotentiary who carries them out)
  • Certifications of websites
  • Support in the preparation of events and investments
  • Forwarding of information from the United Nations ECOSOC to the Lazarus Union to the various delegates for New York, Geneva and Vienna
  • Support of the General Plenipotentiary for certain projects and tasks upon request, opportunity and possibility
  • Completion of special tasks and liaison to the International Leadership Academy (ILA) of the Lazarus Union
  • Call-up and information point for uniform questions
  •  Creation and updating of folders and guidelines (e.g.: Lazarus Union uniform guidelines)     
    So you can see that the administration team has a lot of work to do. At this point, a request to all persons who contact the administration team: We try to answer all enquiries, emails and letters within 48 hours or at least to give a sign. However, if this is sometimes not possible (due to vacation or other absence or prevention), please do not be impatient! All employees on the administration team work voluntarily and unpaid!

We ask you to tame this (understandable) “impatience” especially concerning orders in the WEB SHOP! There are very specific rules and procedures to consider. If there are delays, it is usually due to the fact that certain things (e.g. caps) have to be ordered first and therefore there are also delivery times. In general, however, an order in the WEB SHOP routinely proceeds the following way:

  • Order comes either via WEB SHOP email (for WEB SHOP products) or as a direct order (when purchasing awards)
  • Check whether ordered devotionals are available
  • Information from the Treasurer’s Office that the payment has been received
  • Sending of the ordered devotionals within 10 to 14 days (we only go to the post office once a week for rational reasons) with registered mail
  • We hold orders four weeks on resubmission. If no payment is made within four weeks, the order will be cancelled free of charge without further correspondence and the “defaulting” customer will no longer be supplied for six months. But this should not be a “punishment”, but only serve the raising of “comradely discipline”, because our work should also be “valuable”.

The official email address of the administration team is:

Only emails sent to this address are processed or are evident by the administration team. In this sense, we remain

with comradely greetings


Lazarus Union Administration Team