“… a vision continues …”

UN-NGO Autologo 200

Dear Oliver, dear comrades!

Many thanks, dear Oliver, for the further development of the visions for our Lazarus Union. There is a lot of truth in this elaboration regarding the disposition and motivations of many Lazarus interested parties. If we want to be strong as a Lazarus Union, this should not only be reflected in the number of members, but also in the willingness of each individual member to support the Lazarus Union through active action.

To quote the former US President John F. Kennedy and, as a variation of his quote:

“Don’t ask what the Lazarus Union can do for you, but ask what YOU can do for the Lazarus Union”

With this in mind, I look forward to further activities for the benefit of our Lazarus Union. Let us live this vision together.

With warmest regards

Lothar Gellert
General Plenipotentiary

Gellert Lothar Juli 2019 100



Dear comrades,

it might have got around that I was a bit limited lately, also by a hospital stay. In this context, I would like to thank you all for your recovery wishes. Special thanks also go to Lothar and Wolfgang, who immediately and selflessly took over the work that was pending.

Therefore I send today, unfortunately a little late, my ideas for a “Lazarus Union 2030 – A Vision Continous“, as a basis for discussion for the next ordinary general assembly and the further work of the CSLI in the next (second) decade.

I hope for a broad discussion (I don’t consider this paper as confidential, because I want to involve as many members as possible, so you are welcome to pass it on to interested members).

I wish a broadening and localization of our activities, according to the mission statement created by the founders.

I hope you will enjoy reading it, and I am open to any reactions.

With comradely greetings
GA Oliver
Secreary General



Download (PDF, 1.1MB)