CSLI Honour Guard

Lazarus Union Guard of Honour

“The Guard of Honour should be the figurehead of the Lazarus Union, representing its discipline and order! It should therefore be regarded by everyone as a privilege to be a member of the Guard of Honour.”

(From the mission statement of Guard of Honour and Lazarus Union Knight of Honour)

The honor guard was founded by the presidium of the Lazarus Union. The main task of the honor guard is the proper representation of the insignia of the Lazarus Union. Special flags, banners and decorations such as bugle are added. As of 2019, each country organization and group member will be entitled to receive a maximum of 5% of their membership in the “local” honor guard. In order to fulfill this task properly, the members are specially trained in the field of formal exercise. A full uniform may not be missing here. As an outer mark of the honor guard, the shoulder cord is worn in gold on the right shoulder. Guard candidates wear a silver shoulder cord.

The main task can be seen as work for one’s own events and honor guards act as assistants for general tasks. In the two pictures the comrades of the honor guard are to be seen during an investiture. But also uses of the honor guard at events of other clubs count their tasks. The honor guards are subordinate to local commanders and the Union command.


Honour Guard’s Code of Conduct

The name Guard of Honour consists of the foundations of our group. The term “honour” describes a certain inner feeling which results in a certain outer behaviour towards other persons and groups.    

Especially acting on the Lazarus Union insignias this feeling of honour shall prevail and impose a certain elitist behaviour onto the members. The term “guard” also explains itself. It stands for honourable presentation of our insignias and the written purpose of the community of the Lazarus Union, namely practised humanity.


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