Member´s Medal and Medal of Friendship


Over and over again we honestly emphasise: The Lazarus Union asks neither for application fees nor for membership fees. The Lazarus Union neither receives any public aid or grant nor has it ever asked for such.

So the Lazarus Union finances its various projects only based on voluntary donations and so depends on the money of the various distinctions which can be acquired by purchase and the fees for distinctions applied for.

Distinctions which cannot be applied for are in general awarded without fees but the persons awarded are free to place a donation to the Lazarus Union AFTER having been awarded. 

We consider this open, honest, and transparent towards all persons receiving a distinction from the Lazarus Union because also a “donation“  for a distinction which can be acquired by purchase is in our eyes worthy of an award!


The founders of the CSLI endowed the CSLI Members’ medal on the occasion of the founding of the CSLI as a visible and portable sign of membership. The medal may also be worn as an expression of sympathy for the CSLI (in case of non-members we have this medal asMEDAL OF FIRENDSHIP”). This NEW very detailed and lovingly designed medal (diameter 40mm) shows the new UN-NGO logo of the LAZARUS UNION. The back of the medal is blank. The medal is also available as a miniature.


The “MEDAL of FRIENDSHIP” (for non CSLI members) will be wear with a purple ribbon.


Shipping costs with registered post mail: Inside Austria EUR 6.-, inside Europe EUR 16.-, all other countries and oversea EUR 25.-.


Original picture of the medals:

Mitgliedsmedaille 500  Mitgliedsmedaille Silber 500

Mitgliedsmedaille Gold 500


The exact address, name and title that shall appear on the certificate must be specified!

Bank Account for the transfer of the donation:

Keyword: “Member´s Medal” or “Medal of Friendship

A-1010 Vienna
Account number: 10010128981
Bank code: 14000
IBAN: AT90 1400 0100 1012 8981