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New Year’s Address 2021/2022



Dear Oliver!
Dear comrades!

Many thanks, dear Oliver, for the further development of the visions for our Lazarus Union. There is a lot of truth in this elaboration regarding the disposition and motivations of many Lazarus interested parties. If we want to be strong as a Lazarus Union, this should not only be reflected in the number of members, but also in the willingness of each individual member to support the Lazarus Union through active action.

To quote the former US President John F. Kennedy and, as a variation of his quote:

“Don’t ask what the Lazarus Union can do for you, but ask what YOU can do for the Lazarus Union”

With this in mind, I look forward to further activities for the benefit of our Lazarus Union. Let us live this vision together.

With warmest regards

Lothar Gellert



Declaration regarding the Leadership
of the International Lazarus Union

In view of the attacked health of the Deputy General Plenipotentiary/Interim General Plenipotentiary, the previous General Plenipotentiary Professor Dr. Lothar Gellert agreed to continue to lead the International Lazarus Union.

For reasons of reconvalescence, the Dep. General Plenipotentiary/Interim General Plenipotentiary is exempted from all obligations towards the Lazarus Union for the next few months.

The web shop is operational again and is now being continued in the wellknown excellent manner under the roof of the Administration Team. In order to be able to use synergy effects in the procurement on the one hand and the design of uniforms and uniform components on the other hand, the tasks of the Uniform Representative are also carried out by the proven Administration Team in the subdivision of “Uniforms and Procurement” as part of a reorganization. Our thanks go to the previous Uniform Representative Peter Domweber for his work so far.

The cash register monitoring of entrances and exits is carried out as before, taking into account the multiple multi-eye principle.

This should secure the future and the continued existence of the Lazarus Union.

Prof. Dr. Lothar Gellert
General Plenipotentiary


ColOMG-02 Oliver M. Gruber-Lavin Ochoa



In the Middle Ages leprosy was also called Lazarus disease. The original German name of the dis-ease is “Aussatz”. The sick affected by leprosy had to live outside of human settlements – they were “exposed” by society and thus segregated by the society of their fellow men. For the isolation (separation) of the lepers outside the cities hospices were established, which were called also Laza-rus houses. Therefore, some suburbs in France today are called Saint Lazare and in Italy San Lazza-ro. The German word Lazarette has the same origin.

A leper himself was easy to recognize, he was without means, wrapped in shreds and rags, the body of the leprosy heavily marked. Society was afraid of infection, so people were excluded. They could not contact the others. They should show that they are ill. Leprosy was incurable at that time. Sick and excluded from society, also a social death.

At all times and in all cultures, lepers were exemplary for the fringe groups of our society.
Today, as then, people tend to declare others to be “lepers”. Today, as then, leprosy was and is not only a medical diagnosis, but mainly a social diagnosis. Why and who is defined as leprous by society says more about the lepers than about the expellees.

The “lepers” today have other characteristics: disabled, asylum-seeking, homeless, addicted, long-term unemployed, socially weak, mentally unstable … Whatever they do, they find it difficult to belong. They too are marked.

In the past leprosy was often regarded as God’s punishment. Today it is often said: “It is your own fault!” And with that we get rid of our own responsibility and still blame the other for his or her exclusion. Whoever was or is affected by the fate of being outcast has arrived at the very bottom.
We must never stop thinking about what it means for a person to be involuntary and unwanted.

The Lazarus Union and its members do not define themselves through their social standing, but through their social commitment.

The basic attitude of our actions is characterised by esteem, openness, fairness and tolerance. We treat all people respectfully and appreciatively, regardless of their appearance, gender, sexual orientation, origin, ability to perform, age, religion or ideology. We take up the challenge to find a reasonable balance in the field of tension between the achievement of economic and social goals.

It is necessary to return to the founding principles:

  • The Lazarus Union is growing “up from the base” and not “top down”.
  • The only important and “essential structure of the CSLI” is the individual member!

Oliver M. Gruber-Lavin Ochoa
Deputy General Plenipotentiary


Gellert Lothar Juli 2019 100

Lengerich, April 2019

Dear Comrades!

On April 13, 2019, the former long-time founder and General Plenipotentiary of the LAZARUS UNION, Senator Professor h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt officially and solemnly handed over the administration to me at the 15th Investiture Ceremony of the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union at the Kreuzenstein Castle, and so I would like to introduce myself here.

My name is Dr. Lothar Gellert and I live in Germany. By profession I’m a university teacher at the “Federal University of Administrative Sciences” in Münster.

The first steps of my chivalrous career I made 5 years ago in the German Saint Michael Knightly Order and my involvement in this and other chivalrous organizations has brought me together over the years with many valuable and interesting people, including the previous General Plenipotentiary of the Lazarus Union Wolfgang Steinhardt. Through him I got to know the LAZARUS UNION and appreciated the idea behind this organization.

After joining the LAZARUS UNION, I have performed various tasks within the organization, such as being the Deputy Dean of the International Leadership Academy and the Commander of the CSLI Germany for the region of East-Germany. An important and honourable step for me was the acceptance into the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union.

When I am now at the head of the LAZARUS UNION, this is only possible because my family – my wonderful wife and our able son – are also active in this organization and support me in my doing.

Together with all my friends and comrades, I would like to continue the life-work of our previous General Plenipotentiary in his spirit. And I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks in the name of all comrades for the creation of this life-work and the realization of his vision.

I would like to thank already now all the commanders of the various countries and groups, the Board and the Supervisory Board as well as all friends of the LAZARUS UNION for their support in order to accomplish many common charitable works together, in accordance with our motto: “VIRIBUS UNITIS” (by joined forces).

The wording of the public oath I gave: “… before the chapter assembled here, the Grand Officers, the honorable ladies and honorary knights, postulants, knight candidates and this community I promise in my honour to protect and promote the LAZARUS UNION and its Knighthood of Honour as Grand Master. I will not allow the LAZARUS UNION and its Knighthood of Honour to be harmed. Neither from the inside nor from the outside! So I accept faithful and in humility from you the insignia of my dignity: the coat, the collar and the breast star and the sword of honour. May I be worthy of trust …” are not only spoken words for me but also a personal commitment!


Professor Dr. Dr. hc (UA) Lothar Gellert
General Plenipotentiary
and Grandmaster of the Knighthood of Honour of the LAZARUS UNION