Relevance and granting of the Knighthood of Honour

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NOBODY has to or needs to become a dame or knight of honour of the Lazarus Union. It is a privilege if somebody becomes one! Everything is voluntary and without any coercion. To belong to the Lazarus Union Knighthood of honour means …

… full allegiance towards the Lazarus Union, the Grand Master, and the chapter.

… to defend the Lazarus Union whenever necessary.

… to speak in favour of the Lazarus Union.

… to remain from anything which could be detrimental to the Lazarus Union.

… never to reveal any internal issues.

… to obey one’s duties as a citizen.

… to respect and support all sisters and brothers of honour.

… always to act as an example towards other humans.

… to consider one’s personal honour as one’s highest personal value.

… to respect all humans and also their honour.

… to accept all humans in their own uniqueness.

… to accept any religion as personal decision of the individual.

… to aid other fellow humans as far as possible and reasonable.

… to give joy to other fellow humans.

… to desist any actions considered dishonourable.

… willingness for peace and reconciliation.

… to obey the knighthood’s conduct of honour.

… to always remember the two questions asked during the investiture ceremony.

… to never one-sidedly leave the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour.



 The 7 Steps to the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union

(These steps are exclusively internal rules of the Lazarus Union and as such are not subject to external evaluation by third parties. Everybody who applies for membership as a Knight of Honour and is accepted into the society voluntarily accepts these rules.)

Ehrenritterschaft-80  1st Step

Knightly behaviour and a shining example for others in daily life in one‘s personal background, social engagement, and readiness for peace. Neither age nor background, race or religion play any role. Men and women are treated alike. There is no redress in law for being awarded the knighthood of honour but it is considered to be a privilege to belong to this society.

Ehrenritterschaft-80  2nd Step

Personal application (Applicant is required to hold the rank of a staff officer in the CSLI) in which the reasons are laid out why the applicant asks being awarded the Knighthood of Honour. Alternatively an application from a third party which is supported by three CSLI staff officers. (When an application is filed from a third party the candidate shall be asked if he or she is willing to accept the honour in case it is granted.)

Ehrenritterschaft-80  3rd Step

Discussion and vote by the chapter. Three voting rounds are possible and a decision must be unanimously. Two voting rounds are secret and the third one must be open. Also the third round must be unanimously in case acceptance is granted. Any member of the chapter who votes against membership of an applicant must give reason for this repudiation. Whatever the result is, any third voting result is final and binding.

Ehrenritterschaft-80  4th Step

Handing out the brevet (advance notice) which informs the candidate that he or she will be awarded the Knighthood of Honour and how to proceed further. The Grand Master decides on the rang being awarded.

Ehrenritterschaft-80  5th Step

Formal acceptance by the candidate in written form within 60 days. Then the preparation period for the candidate commences which has no fixed duration and usually ends with the next upcoming investiture. Investitures will be held as decided by the Grand Master.

Ehrenritterschaft-80  6th Step

Formal final “observation period“ of the candidate by the chapter. Formally this time is called “postulant period.“ This is the time when the Grand Master decides the possible date for the investiture. In this period the final eligibility of the candidate is decided. Also a date for an investiture which has been fixed is subject to delay, suspension or even cancellation.

Ehrenritterschaft-80  7th Step

The official investiture in a solemn environment according to the defined ceremony. If for geographical or financial reasons it is not possible for the candidate to personally attend an investiture the investiture is considered fulfilled if an appropriate certificate has been written out and the candidate‘s name has been read out officially but in his absence during an investiture ceremony. Only then the postulant is considered a Knight of Honour of the Lazarus Union. There is no provision for autonomous withdrawal from the Knighthood of Honour by the Knight of Honour.



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