Admission Ceremony Knighthood of Honour



Admission ceremony into the

Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union


To allow for our tolerance against ALL religious groups, as of now (February 2013) NO religious group will be “favoured“ over others by “embedding“ our investiture ceremony into their religious services respectively having it conducted by their representatives.

Religious group‘s representatives are of course honoured, welcomed, and respected persons also in the future but will not have any significant role within the investiture ceremony and as such only take part as special Lazarus Union guests of honour at a “Grand Investiture.“

At any rate it must be ensured that the location selected for an investiture is suited to the importance and dignity of the ceremony. Religious groups‘s houses of worship will be absolutely preferred. Other worthy places like museums, castles, palaces, concert halls, congress rooms, etc. can also be chosen as locations for investitures.

A “Grand Investiture“ consists of the following major parts and takes between 70 to 90 minutes (depending on the number of candidates) and is recorded in a special “investiture guide.“ The Grand Marshal is responsible for the correct execution and will be accountable to the chapter.

  1. Open-air concert by the Music Corps of the Lazarus Union
  2. Procession and ceremonial entrance
  3. Handing over of the pennants
  4. Renewal of the officer‘s pledge
  5. Ceremonial investiture of the knights of honour
  6. Promotions and new ranks
  7. Awards and distinctions
  8. Commemoration of the dead
  9. Ceremonial move-out

The sole complexity and duration of a “Grand Investiture“ makes any additional inclusion of other elements an unreasonable demand to all present. So for this reason the inclusion of special rites of religious groups is deliberately waived.

The Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour by its nature is NO “knightly order,“ no matter how this term will be interpreted and the Lazarus Union has no intention to imitate or copy any religious or secular order if such orders do still exist rightly at all!

This would be beneath the Lazarus Union considering its size and importance, also the Lazarus Union does not regard this fitting. The ceremonial “Grand Investiture“ shall simply ensure that the “knightly virtues“ will not be forgotten in our days as such “knightly virtues“ and “modern knights“ today are more important that ever!


Admission into the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus UnionAdmission Ceremony (general)

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Ceremony of Investiture


The term “investiture“ in our days

(translated from the German Wikipedia)

  • The term “investiture“ does not show up at all in the Code of Canon Law and so is as such not in use within a Roman Catholic context. One important exception are the clerical as well as the secular knight orders where acceptance of new knights of the order is celebrated in the form of an investiture.
  • In theProtestantChurchthe investiture is used to accept a priest/priestess into the parish after ordination. This happens within a Holy Mass and is often related to handing out various symbols.
  • In a secular environment especially the act of a vice chancellor taking office at a university is called investiture. This usually happens within a ceremonial act accompanied by ministerial representatives.
  • The term investiture is used by various organisations instead of the term affiliation ceremony.
  • In German constitutional law it is explicitly forbidden that state or county contribute to the administration or management of religious groups (as was common during the Middle Ages).
  • Justices of the Supreme Court of theUnited Statesare invested with their office.