ILA – International Leadership Academy of the Lazarus Union


Dear comrades!

We now offer 18 courses in various levels- from qualification courses for warrant officers to general staff training.

In order to maintain and even increase the already high level of our non-commissioned officers and officers in the future, the Lazarus Union has now designed clearly defined career paths which have to be completed in order to attain the desired rank.

These courses cover a wide range of training content, from general knowledge about the Lazarus Union to leadership skills and UN law.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the online seminar programme and would be pleased to welcome you soon to the Lazarus Union Leadership Academy!

Akademie Ehrenspange




Leadership Academy – Basics

Gellert Lothar Juli 2019 100

Dear Officials,
Dear Commanders,
Dear Staff Officers,
Dear Officers,
Dear Comrades,


As General Plenipotentiary of the Lazarus Union, I am pleased to inform you about the start of our new Leadership Academy.

The Lazarus Union has thus created a high quality Leadership Academy to systematize the training of Officers, Staff Officers and General Officers.

Why is a systematised training necessary?

This question is closely linked to the question of how we are perceived externally. Officers/Staff Officers/General Officers often come into contact with members of other uniformed and non-uniformed organisations. The uniform of the Lazarus Union often attracts attention and questions are asked about our organization, e.g. about the history of the LU or its principles or its individual units. Here we need to know the correct answer and be able to communicate it.

However, knowledge of the various areas in which the Lazarus Union operates is also required in its daily operations. Here the so-called “internal” knowledge is important. This includes knowledge of human leadership and process control. Any leader who wants to carry out small or large projects must have the necessary knowledge, HOW a project is managed so that it is not doomed to failure.

All this knowledge is now conveyed by the individual modules that need to be carried out from bottom to top.

The quality of our knowledge management will thus spread outside our Union, thereby ensuring a higher reputation for our Union.

A promotion within the ranks of the Officers/Staff Officers/General Officers can and may therefore only take place if the necessary knowledge corresponding to the respective rank is available and proven.

This may seem petty to some, but an organization like ours, which has achieved the highest consultative status with the United Nations, cannot afford to be embarrassed by inadequate responses to external questions.

The responsible commanders are therefore asked to ensure that the relevant modules have been completed positively before submitting promotion requests.  The best proof of this is the presentation of the decree on the passing of the module examinations.

With comradely greetings

General Plenipotentiary