Our “awarding policy provides THREE  kinds of distinctions awarded by the Lazarus Union:



Distinctions as a
Thank You“ and as a “donation receipt“ (These are, if one wants to say so, distinctions which can be “acquired by purchase“. Their purpose is to help financing our projects). Only if You order the “original” insignia, a decree will be issued. No decree You will get, if You order a miniature or a ribbon only.


Distinctions that can be applied for and which original insignias usually are awarded for an insignia fee. A third Party must make the application for.


Distinctions which will only be awarded but cannot be applied for.



Over and over again we honestly emphasise: The Lazarus Union asks neither for application fees nor for membership fees. The Lazarus Union neither receives any public aid or grant nor has it ever asked for such.

So the Lazarus Union finances its various projects only based on voluntary donations and so depends on the money of the various distinctions which can be acquired by purchase and the fees for distinctions applied for.

Distinctions which cannot be applied for are in general awarded without fees but the persons awarded are free to place a donation to the Lazarus Union AFTER having been awarded. 

We consider this open, honest, and transparent towards all persons receiving a distinction from the Lazarus Union because also a “donation“  for a distinction which can be acquired by purchase is in our eyes worthy of an award!

Important notice: Straps (ribbons) for ribbon clips are generally delivered unassembled only!



The LAZARUS UNION grants the following awards (registered and reported to the United Nations) based on the statutes, according to strict guidelines and in accordance with the objectives of the CSLI:

Important information for persons wearing decorations:

All recipients of awards are aware of this and they expressly take note of this by accepting an award that the award may be revoked in the event of conduct harmful to the Lazarus Union, that a ban on wearing it may be issued and that the award has to be returned to the Lazarus Union without delay and free of charge, regardless of the type of acquisition.


Application form:


Download (PDF, 218KB)

When granting an award, it is usual to reduce the resulting costs of the insignia by paying a donation (insignia fee) for the CSLI. In substantial cases, the board may decide to award without any fees.


It is most important to us to lay out here once more the PHILOSOPHY behind all CSLI awards CLEARLY, OBVIOUSLY, and UNMISTAKABLY, to have CLARITY and TRANSPARENCY on this field, too.

As EVERYTHING is voluntary and without obligation in the CSLI this obviously and especially holds true for the awards the CSLI hands out (CSLI crosses of merit, CSLI honor cross, CSLI service decorations and CSLI medal for humanity).

The person to be awarded a decoration is in the center of interest and shall be honored publicly by the award.

This honor being awarded to the person is declared publicly by a corresponding decree but this does not hold any obligation (also not for the person nominating somebody for an award!) to buy the wearable insignia of this award!

We must once again try to come back to the fundamental idea of an award putting idealistic intangible assets before material tangibles. In ancient Greece it was only a laurel sprig which was handed over to an Olympic winner as sign of his merit and honor.

A CSLI award will be granted in a fitting degree according to the merits earned and with the handover of the decree the awarded person (or the nominating person) is entitled to acquire by purchase the corresponding insignia. This purchase is absolutely VOLUNTARILY and is in no way connected to the actual award.

This ruling ensures on one hand that the decorated persons can enjoy a corresponding appreciation of their merit (without having to care about material costs) but on the other hand NO donation money will be spent by the CSLI for the award.

NOT a part of this regulation are the “CSLI Foundation Cross” and the “CSLI Membership Medal” which are awarded as a “visible Thank You” for a corresponding donation to the CSLI. These insignia as well are marked with a registration number and a handover date but will be given out regardless of any other award with corresponding degree solely based on the “minimum donation amount”.

Generally it is conferred and valid for ALL awards (insignia) by the honor of the awardees, the rule is that within the lifetime of the awardees the awards may be neither sold nor given to third parties!

With these regulations the CSLI wants to contrast pleasantly from ALL other organizations and associations which consider giving out awards as a good business model and act accordingly, thus depreciating the ACTUAL value of an award (and also the person being awarded).


The insignias and the decrees will be sent via registered post mail. It is IMPORTANT and don´t forget, that the right name, title(s) apearing on the decrees, must be given exactly together with the compete adress!