Knight Expectants

The candidature for the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union


There are numerous applications for the Knighthood of Honour and it can be foreseen that many of those will have to be declined (by the sheer fact of the limit of a maximum of 12 knights/dames of honour per year), thus probably preventing the admission of some excellent knights into the knighthood. On the other hand in the past we did accept some persons who later disappointed us by rarely ever showing up at our gatherings. While there is no permanent obligation for our knights of honour (voluntariness is the highest rule and nobody must or will be made to do anything) some knights of honour would not have passed the vote in the chapter, had there been some observation period before final admission was granted. To provide for a better approach in the future, the chapter has voted unanimously for the introduction of the

”Candidature for the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour“

and defined the following rules:

The candidature:

All Lazarus Union members and also other persons wanting to apply for the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour will have to find themselves a mentor (“godparent”) among the existing dames/knights of honour. Each Dame/Knight can only have three candidates at the same time.

This mentor applies to the chapter to accept the candidate as Knight Expectant and accompanies the candidate until his or her final acceptance into the knighthood.

The chapter decides during a meeting by open ballot with simple majority. In case of a draw the Grand Master‘s vote is decisive.

The candidate is then accepted as a “Knight Expectant“ resp. “Dame Expectant“ and will have to prove himself/herself by actively partaking in our community during an observation period (which is basically unlimited in time).

The elevation:

After rising in rank to Knight Expectant Officer resp. Dame Expectant Officer, an application can be filed for a full membership in the Knighthood of Honour according to the usual rules. (This means either the candidate himself/herself or three Lazarus Union staff officers can file this application for the candidate, or his/her mentor alone can file the request to the chapter.)

The observation period:

This allows the Lazarus Union and the chapter on one side but also the candidate on the other side to scrutinise each other and to verify if the mutual expectations can be met and as such helps to avoid wrong decisions regarding the final admission into the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour.

This qualifying period status can be revoked by the candidate himself/herself on one side but also by the chapter with simple majority without the need to state any reasons and without any further consequences. All insignia received have to be returned to the Lazarus Union, costs for these will be reimbursed. Any other expenses which may have been spent so far will not be reimbursed.

The insignia:

As a formal sign the candidate will during the acceptance ceremony receive the Knighthood of Honour‘s neck cross (without trophy and structure). The officer‘s insignia looks similar but is laid out as a pectoral cross. The coat is a “plain coat“ (knight‘s coat without the Knighthood of Honour insignia) and the CSLI coat of arms. Purchase of the coat and insignia is voluntary!
The fees are: neck cross EUR 150.-, pectoral cross EUR 50.-, coat EUR 150.-

Knight Expectant Knight Expectant Officer
Ribbon Ribbon
Miniature Miniature

The acceptance ceremony:

Acceptance of the Knight Expectants resp. Dame Expectants will be in the course of a special ceremony held only for these candidates and NOT as an “opening act“ during a regular investiture as this candidate acceptance shall also be considered a special moment in a candidate‘s life. The ceremony shall be held as follows::

The candidate sits at the right side of his/her mentor. The “Master of Candidates“ or the protocol officer calls for the candidate with the words:

“Dear ……..! You mentor has applied for you to be accepted into our community as a “Knight Expectant“ (Dame Expectant) and the chapter has approved this request! Step forward!“

The candidate together with his/her mentor steps up in front of the Grand Master (the mentor stand behind the candidate, holding the coat). The Grand Master now asks:

“I ask you in front of the assembled Dames and Knights of Honour: Is it your free will to seek the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour?“

The answer is:

“With my honour, yes, it is!“

The Grand Master replies:

„So receive the formal signs of your new status: the plain mantle and the cross. May you prove yourself in your candidature to finally be accepted in the Knighthood of Honour. Be welcome!“

The Lazarus Union Knight fanfare is played.

The mentor and the new “Knight Expectant“ resp. “Dame Expectant“ take again their seats.

This is the core ceremony which can be incorporated into several other ceremonies (e.g. Holy Mass, flag blessing ceremony, but NOT a regular knighthood investiture).


It is intended to have these applications in spring (April, May, or June) and regular investitures in fall (September or October). For the application the regular Knighthood of Honour application form shall be used, but the mentor needs to sign as well.


Knighthood of Honour and candidature
for persons with non-Christian beliefs

Already in former times like for example during the crusades with all their terror, injustice, cruelty, and lack of tolerance it was possible for knights to become accepted by their enemies as equals, even respected and held in high regards because of their courage, chivalry, and readiness for peace.

The LAZARUS UNION and so also its Knighthood of Honour do honour and respect all humans and their religions. So this consequently is also respected concerning the insignia of the LAZARUS UNION Knighthood of Honour as it might be difficult if not impossible for non-Christian Knights of Honour to wear the cross as a symbol of their belonging to the LAZARUS UNION Knighthood of Honour.

Because of this, special insignia have been designed for Knights of Honour not belonging to a Christian religion. This so is a logical extension of our investiture ceremony where also care is taken for such personal situations. These insignia do not hold any crosses or other Christian symbols. Only on the middle medallion the waking of St.Lazarus is pictured and our four principles tolerance, humility, charity, and brotherly love are mentioned.

Those four principles are non-denominational and mirror the basic attitude of the LAZARUS UNION and its Knighthood of Honour. Of course all Knights of Honour can wear THESE insignia.

The coats for knights expectant and Knights of Honour of non-Christian religions hold instead of the cross pattée the corresponding symbol of THEIR religion (e.g. the Hilal (crescent moon) for Islam, the Star of David for Judaism, the Dharma Wheel for Buddhism, the Torii for Shintoism, etc.). Knights expectant wear the corresponding hatchment only, Knights of Honour the hatchment with underlying crossed swords.



Knight Expectant Knight Expectant Officer
Ribbon Ribbon
Miniature Miniature


HGM Investitur Ritteranwärter-428 Solemn event and Investiture
25.April 2015