Grand coat of arm of the CSLI Knighthood of Honour

Großes Wappen der CSLI Ehrenritterschaft


Personal coat of arm

Each CSLI Knight of Honour has the right to use the below published kind of the Coat of Arm in accordance of his rank, together with his own personal familiy arm, or he can create his own personal Coat of Arm using this schema during his CSLI Knighthood of Honour.


Coat of Arms


CSLI Collar Knight of the Knighthood of Honour

  Wappen Gellert GM HG weiß 200  
  Arm of the Grand Master  
Samples for Knight arms
H.E. Chev. Steinhardt H.E. Chev. Neidhart Chev. Tough
Chev. Kadlec + Chev. Leithner Chev. Özcan
Chev. König Chev. Weigmann Chev. Gebel
Chev. N Chev. Douglas Chev. Dietel
Chev. Wanderer Chev. Prohaska Chev. Wassertheurer +
Chev. H Dame König Chev. Paulis
Wappen Gellert GM HG weiß 200
Chev. Hochstöger H.E. Chev. Gellert Chev. Winkelhofer
Badziag Gregory Grand Commanders 150
Chev. Ortiz Chev. Badziag Chev. Heher
Chev. N H.E. Chev. Graf Wilczek Chev. M
Dame Gries Chev. Gries Chev. R
Chev. H Chev. N Chev. M
Chev. S   Chev. N
Ritterwappen Ehn 150 Gruber Lavin Goßkommandeur-150[1] ERI Wappen Domweber 150
Chev. Ehn Chev. Gruber-Lavin  Chev. Domweber
ERI Wappen Tratschitt   Wappen Bauer H.A 150  ERI-Wappen-Pesch_150x200
 Chev. Tratschitt Chev. Bauer   Chev. Pesch
 Rudi Murth Cmdr ALTERNATIV 150 Murth.Brich 150  Wappen-F
 Chev. Murth Dame Murth-Brich  Chev. F