Warnings about abruse


Lazarus Union repeatedly warns against people, groups and companies, who abuse the name and the worldwide reputation of the Lazarus Union!


These persons, groups and companies deliberately deceive uninformed persons and institutions.


By misusing symbols and designations of the Lazarus Union – or by using deceptively similar imitations – these individuals and groups try to feign an impression of supposed seriousness and legitimacy and a connection with the Lazarus Union! Caution – the true intentions of such imitations, on the other hand, serve highly questionable interests, which always remain hidden and only come to the public by chance. Unfortunately, as we have painfully observed in the past, our absolute political neutrality has been abused.


These plagiarizing persons and groups are often in no way connected to the Lazarus Union, which has as an NGO a General Consultative Status to the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna, and falsely pretend to be a “group member”. This also includes web addresses of the Lazarus Union with additions such as “.cn”


The Lazarus Union is a registered and recognized non-profit association under Austrian association law and registered and recognized under the Austrian Registration ZVR number 023914681 and also registered and recognized by the United Nations as an NGO with “General Consultative Status” under UN identification number 632158. According to the Association Act of the Republic of Austria, the Lazarus Union has legal personality for the state sector.


In favour of the Lazarus Union, the name, the abbreviation and the signs, symbols, insignia, devotionals, coats of arms, etc. used in the Lazarus Union enjoy international copyright protection.


The Lazarus Union therefore encourages to be aware! For interacting with persons and groups who act as Lazarus Union, it is therefore recommended to consult with the Lazarus Union in case of doubt in order to verify the legitimacy of persons and organizations! Please contact our administration team. Thank you! 




Actual important information

Invalidity of Indonesian membership decrees and ID cards

The Board of the Lazarus Union has become aware that CSLI Indonesia has issued its own decrees for membership as “Extraordinary Members” and has issued its own ID cards. Both membership decrees and ID cards are issued exclusively by the Board or the Administration Team. It should therefore be noted that all illegal decrees issued in Indonesia for membership as “Extraordniary Members” and all ID-cards issued in Indonesia cease to apply with immediate effect!

The web page www.csli-indonesia.uapcu.org is not approved by the Lazarus Union.

The responsible commander has been dismissed dishonorable with immediate effect.

Alangan Nur Beendigung der LU Mitgliedschaft

Alangan Nur Entlassung aus der LU als CIC

The General Plenipotentiary
Lengerich /Germany 29th March 2021

Samples of the invalid illegal documents:

IMG_3795 620

IMG_3796 620a

IMG_3797 620