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The uniformed power of SoF – a special force of the LAZARUS UNION-CSLI

Bernd Höhle-Kleinertz, Gen CSLI, Commander in Chief SoF

The Sword of Freedom – Corps is a registered, humanitarian, international peace and relief organization inside and a full part of the LAZARUS UNION (NGO). In more than 120 countries it supervises, maintains and supports various national and international aid projects. Its purpose is to promote and support needy, sick, disabled and elderly people. Individual sections are active worldwide through financial, material and personal assistance where necessary in cases of poverty, misery and disaster.

The SOF Corps’ steady commitment is characterized by the three pillars of helpfulness, respect and tolerance. The strong association of members consists predominantly of police, fellow athletes, martial artists and volunteers. All have joined forces in the service of life, peace and common humanity with the purpose expressed in the phrase: “We are for others with no one alone”. All activities and actions are apolitical and neutral. Everyone, regardless of origin, religion, ethnicity, race or social status is welcome, as are any other interested parties.

“Humanity is life in action!” As part of its fraternal peace work the SOF Corps regularly organises trans-national events where worldwide international contacts are made and friendships maintained. The Corps maintains and supervises many youth and adult groups in leisure, sport and experiential learning in which the integration of people from other cultures and those with disabilities are important components.

“Help where the heart demands action”: In the field of social welfare the SOF Corps regularly organizes fundraisers and fundraising projects for the benefit of charitable purposes. Various aid projects are supported in the Philippines, Nepal, Africa, India and Thailand, as well as projects in Europe and South America. This support extends from assisting humanitarian aid delivery and the use of medical auxiliary corps to the pastoral care of the needy.

The badges and insignia of the uniformed forces of the Sword of Freedom – Corps consciously do not use the cross as a symbol. They feature instead the unique distinctive SOF symbol, the flaming sword.

Rank signs:


Dekret Bernd Höhle Gen CSLI



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SOF Flammenschwert-Bote 6.Ausgabe
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