Welcome to the Lazarus Union ! Since 2014 accredited NGO in Special Consultative Status and since 2019 in General Consultative Status in with United Nations-ECOSOC in New York, Geneva and Vienna. 2017 nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


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Upgrade of the Lazarus Union to the «General Consultative Status»

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The General Consultative Status (formerly Consultative Status 1) of the United Nations, is the highest level, which may be granted to organizations that are concerned with most of the activities of the Council, that are making substantive and sustained contributions in many fields, with a considerable membership, and that are broadly representative of major segments of society in a large number of countries. There are only 140 NGo´s worldwide with this high status. These organizations are, amongts other things, entitled to deliver oral presentations during the Council’s Meetings. Such organizaions have seven named delegates in New York, Geneva and Vienna….


Thanks to his tireless support for the good of the International Lazarus Union our former General Plenipotentiary and Special Ambassador with the United Nations, Prof. Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, has managed that the United Nations now granted the General Consultative Status to our Lazarus Union. This is a big honour for the Lazarus Union and for those who were involved in the efforts concerning the international appreciation of the Union – especially our General Secretary and Deputy General Plenipotentiary Oliver Gruber-Lavin.

Hardly anyone would have believed in 2006, when our former General Plenipotentiary founded the Lazarus Union after five years abroad, what a success his foundation would be.

Over time, this foundation became an organisation with more than 22.000 members in more than 120 countries around the world.

A first major success was reached in 2014 when the United Nations granted the „Special Consultative Status“ to the International Lazarus Union.

The International Lazarus Union never intended to rest on this laurels. The leadership of the Lazarus Union was constantly endeavoured that its humanitarian support would be appreciated at home and abroad.

That this was indeed the case can be seen from the fact that the Lazarus Union was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.

Even if the current success, the granting of the “General Consultative Status”, no longer falls within the term of the office of the former General Plenipotentiary, we must never forget that it was HE who ensured that the Union has now achieved this Consultative status.

For this, he and all those who have contributed to this deserve a great deal of thanks from all the members of the Union.

At the same time, however, we are also pleased with all our critics, who have recently wanted to “sideline” us and have restricted or ended social contact with the Lazarus Union.

To all these critics, we would like to consider whether the United Nations really would have granted our Union this honorable status (there are only 137 organisations with this status in the world), even if there was only a little truth in the accusations that were being made recently – either through one-sided press coverage or through unspoken suspicions by other institutions.

The honor now granted by the United Nations shows that that we, as a Union, have never had anything to reproach for and this will be also the case in the future.

I would therefore like to appeal to all our relatives who have been sceptical about the various allegations so far:

“Do not listen to the baseless accusations and work with us for the good of humanity in accordance with our slogan


 Professor Dr.Dr.h.c. (UA) Lothar Gellert
General Plenipotentiary of the Lazarus Union




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Dear comrades!
Dear friends and supporters of the Lazarus Union!
Dear visitors of our website!

Vienna, June 2016

Finally after months of work the time has come to present our new website with a new design and a new structure. A structure that invites for easier “surfing” and presents the Lazarus Union to an interested audience. Finally after months of work the time has come to present our new website with a new design and a new structure. A structure that invites for easier “surfing” and presents the Lazarus Union to an interested audience.

The “CSLI Web shop” has also been completely redesigned and now provides for a pleasant “online shopping experience”.

Our Secretary General Oliver Gruber-Lavin did most of the work. He not only provided a new graphic design for the new website after months of “hard work”, he also edited and redesigned the structure of the new website. Oliver also collected ALL historical pictures and reports of the past ten years of our existence and included them into the new site.

Many, many especial thanks to him!
The new search functions and topic suggestions provided lead directly to the issues which are most dear to our heart so that every one of our interested visitors can easily read and inform himself or herself.

Have fun with our new website! We also kindly ask for comments and suggestions for improvement. We all develop ourselves further, so why not also our new website?

Lazarus Union Web Team


Please note that because of Austrian financial laws (obligation to use electronic cash register for cash business) we are forced resp. bound to giving out these badges only after the money has been transferred to our bank account. These badges can be purchased by everybody. Purchasing the badges does not automatically entitle the owner to wear the badges in public without permission and a decree. Procedure: select – order – payment (in advance by transferal or PayPal) – delivery (after payment receipt). Our WebShop is operated by the “Administration Team” of the Lazarus Union.



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Within the framework of events of the LAZARUS UNION-CSLI video recordings and / or photos can be made. By participating in these events, the participants are agreed with the publication of these recordings.

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