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Farewell to comrade & brother knight
Josef Maria Gebel

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“… a vision continues …”
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Dear comrades!
Dear friends and patrons of the Lazarus Union!

As founder of the Lazarus Union, I naturally continue to watch very closely the development and prosperity of the Lazarus Union, even if I no longer intervene “executively” in the leadership. It has been in good and caring hands since April 2019. Until the handover of the command, the motto “… a vision became true …” best described the career of the Lazarus Union since 2007.

Today I take notice of the motto of the new leadership “… a vision continues …” with great pleasure. The new courses of study from May 2020 of the “International Leadership Academy of the Lazarus Union”, which I founded in 2015, also give me the reason for this.

In my opinion, this has been a great achievement in the last few months bringing our officers’ training to a high standard. I know few NGOs where this is offered so professionally and clearly. Offered for ALL! Non-members can also immerse themselves in the world of the Lazarus Union and get to know the Lazarus Union more closely. Try it! It’s fun!

Special thanks and a big compliment to the General Secretariat of the Lazarus Union, which has assumed international responsibility for this academy and has prepared all these courses and exams and incorporated them into a workable whole. A thank you also to ALL who have made their personal contribution to this.

Yes, it’s true: “… a vision continues …” and I am very happy about it!

I am not hiding that. I ask you to continue to work according to the spirit of the Lazarus Union and its aims. Let us try to leave the world a little better than we found it. Anyone can do something about it!


Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt PhD (USA) h.c. SE
Founder of the Lazarus Union

Vienna, May 2020



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