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The form of organisation of the Lazarus Union on local level is the association. The international organisational structure of the ...
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14th Flying day for disabled people

14th Flying Day for disabled people 24.6.2023 REPORT and Video Motto: An A-Z flight for people with special needs ...
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I.M. Königin Elisabeth II

Als General-Bevollmächtigter der Lazarus-Union und Großmeister der Ehrenritterschaft der Lazarus-Union möchte ich allen Mitgliedern der Lazarus-Union, deren Staatsoberhaupt Ihre Majestät ...
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GP appointed “Kentucky Colonel”

The General Plenipotentiary, Oliver M. Gruber-Lavin y Ochoa, received from the Governor of the State of Kentucky the appointment as ...
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Barretabzeichen CSLI Musikkorps neu 200

42nd Austrian Brass Music Festival

On 4.6.2022 it was so far. The music corps woke up from its "Sleeping Beauty Sleep", which was imposed due ...
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Resolution dated May,18th 2022

As the Commandant of the CSLI Navy Corps felt compelled to resign the Chair for health reasons and the Chair ...
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Relief supplies for the war zone in Ukraine

CSLI Vice President and ICH e.V. Ambassador Bernd Höhle reports: Another 40-ton truck was loaded in Stadthagen with relief supplies ...
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Wheelchair & Rollator Donation for Urkaine Aid.

The "martial artists with a heart" led by CSLI Vice President Bernd Höhle-Kleinertz donated. 3 wheelchairs and 10 rollators as ...
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UN-NGO Autologo 200


Dear comrades, We ask for your attention and understanding that this is a pure working session without social programme and ...
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Ukraine Aid 2

In cooperation with the Verein für Sanitätsdienst in Duisburg e.V., under the leadership of Michael Schatta, a large donation of ...
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Ukraine aid

On the fourth day of the war, Bernd Höhle (Vice-President & Deputy Union Commander of the Lazarus Union), Raymond Schulz ...
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Donation handover worth 45,000 euros

We still remember the unimaginable devastation of the century flood disaster in the Ahr valley. All the media reported on ...
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