The form of organisation of the Lazarus Union on local level is the association. The international organisational structure of the Lazarus Union is based on a multi-level system of local, national and international structures. The Lazarus Union registered in Austria serves as an umbrella organisation which carries out coordination and communication tasks between the individual national organisations but has no direct influence on their concrete national work. The renunciation of a purely centralistic control keeps the Lazarus Union more dynamic and flexible, since the differences in the individual countries in relation to the social structure and the national political institution system do not permit a uniformly strong action logic. Clearly defined in the common statutes, the mission statement and the goals as well as the binding declaration taking into account the obligations of a UN NGO with general consultative status at the United Nations are therefore only the purpose and goal of the union and that these are to be achieved together without violence.

In this spirit, we warmly welcome the LAZARUS UNION FRANCE to the LAZARUS UNION family!


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