How to wear awards



Miniatures will be worn on a chain or miniature medal bar. An individual miniature can be worn in the lapel buttonhole.

Breast Order / Füll size medals

Füll size medals are always worn on the left chest. The order of wear depends on national traditions


Neck Decorations

Neck decorations will only be worn with a tie. The neck decoration should be directly under the knot when wearing uniform or evening dress. In some traditions several neck crosses can be worn.

Order stars

Four Stars, at most, can be worn. Tney are worn on the left chest, under the miniatures or full size medals.
(Breast stars are only worn when in uniform or evening dress)


Grand Cross

Only one Grand Cross can be worn at a time. The ribbon of the Grand Cross is worn from the right shoulder across the left chest to the left hip. The Grand Cross is always ranked first.
(A Grand Cross is only worn when in uniform or evening dress.)