Who are we ?

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The CSLI is an independent service organisation with charitable activities and organized as association. “International” because the CSLI has not only members and friends from Austria, but also from many other countries. Moreover, the CSLI was founded also from the point of view to set up opportunities to become a “friendly association” for the various charities of the ” Lazarus Orders” and other smaller aid agencies to act and to coordinate international operations better.

That is our vision, our dream and our goal! Let us hope that together we may be able to achieve this objective. (As Martin Luther King said: “… I have a dream …”)

Our main principles are


The philosophy of the CSLI

The CSLI is trying to help other people and to make other people happy. This assistance is independent of age, skin colour, religion, social status or prestige of the needy. All employees of the CSLI work voluntarily and receive no compensation for their work in CSLI . All interaction is affected by a common feeling of companionship and characterized by respect and mutual appreciation. The honour and dignity of every CSLI member are inviolable and viewed as the supreme goods. In all mutual interactions of CSLI members, the companionate “you” and the first name are used, regardless of rank and position in the CSLI . The higher the position in the CSLI , the higher the willingness must be to work voluntarily and without restraint of one’s own accord to serve other people.

We wish to achieve the objectives of the CSLI by means of

Voluntary membership fees
Foundation Crosses
Sale of uniform devotionals
Trainings and lectures

The CSLI is useing the following motto