15.000 Euro Donation

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More than 15.000,00 € donation by the SOF/MAA Material Arts Grand Seminar

International martial artists commit for children in need

Bernd Höhle  Report by Bernd Höhle-Kleinertz

Under the chairmanship of Bernd Höhle (SOF Commander, Deputy Union Commander & General CSLI) the Martial Arts Association – International has been organizing the Martial Arts Day for several years. This is a Martial Arts Seminar of the initiative “Martial Artists with Heart“ established by Bernd Höhle. This event is one of the biggest benefit events of Martial Arts in Europe.

This year not only a record attendance but also a donation record could be set due to the high quality trainers and many committed helpers. More than 15.000,00 € could be handed out to the child welfare organisation International Children Help e.V. The President of this organisation happily confirmed this with the enclosed letter of thanks.

The preparations for the big event 2018 are already running at full speed. We say thank you to all participants because such an event is only possible by common work!


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