German Knight Order Saint Peter and Paul

Oedenswappen DROPP 200

Report about the Investiture Ceremony of the
German Knightly Order of St. Peter and Paul


Gellert Brigitte  Report by Brigitte Gellert


On October 13th 2018 the first Investiture of the new Knightly Order of St. Peter and Paul took place in Lengerich and Brochterbeck to which we could welcome many members and delegates of friendly orders as well as “pilgrims”.

Already on Friday several guests met for a “Get-Together” at the hotel “Zur Mühle”. Having drinks and some finger food the guests could talk to friends and could make new contacts.

On Saturday the program started with a Holy Mass in the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Brochterbeck. Before the church service Jan-Philipp Gellert cared for the determined order for the solemn move-in. The seven represented banners offered an especially impressive picture.

First of all Dr. Lothar Gellert welcomed all the guests on behalf of the Knightly Order of St. Peter and Paul in English and German. Then priest Martin Weber took further charge of the mass. The guests heard the reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Romans by the Grandmaster Lothar Gellert. Then followed the intercessions by some members and guests. During the Holy Mass priest Weber blessed our banner.

A special enrichment for the mass were the songs “The Rose” and “Von guten Mächten…” presented by Corinna Moldenhauer, Floreana Schmidt (singing) and Addi Schröder (singing and guitar). These songs went beyond classic church hymns and some guests were touched on an emotional level by them.

The solemn move-out of the orders and pilgrims was accompanied by the song “Möge die Straße…..” presented by the three musicians in the sanctuary. With wonderful sunshine everybody gathered together outside for a group photo.

Then there was a small procession to the historical restaurant “Franz” where the participants took a fortifying lunch.

Exactly at 3 p.m. the Investiture Ceremony started in the festively decorated hall at the restaurant “Centralhof” at Lengerich. Lothar Gellert opened the investiture but until his official enthronement it was led by Knight Hans-Georg Pesch. As part of the welcoming of the honorable guests the Mayor of Lengerich Wilhelm Möhrke took the opportunity to address some words to the guests.

The move-in of the officials according to a special call followed after lightening the chapter candle and the candle of friendship and singing the anthem of the order “Petrus Apostolus”. The following orders were represented: The Sovereign Dynastic Order of the Takovo Cross from Serbia, the International Lazarus-Union from Austria, the German Knightly Order of St. Michael, the Order of the Knight’s Sword of Livland from Belgium, the Order of the Sword Brothers from Germany, the Knightly Order from Star and Friendship, the Grand Priory of Germany of the Hosp. Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, the Ordre Equestre du Saint Sauveur du Mont Réal from Germany, the Order of the Knights of Wine and the Castle Guard of the Duke of Leiningen. Afterwards all other participans were introduced.

The investiture ceremony of the Grandmaster Dr. Lothar Gellert started with the reading from the chronicle of the election meeting by Chancellor Dr. Gerhard Ficker. Then followed the career of the Grandmaster concerning his knightly life. Then the floor was given to the President of the International Lazarus Union, Senator Prof. h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt who carried out the investiture of the Grandmaster. He took the oath to Wolfgang Steinhardt. The signs of his new dignity: the mantle, the ornat chain and the sword were given to the Grandmaster.

On behalf of all members of the German Knightly Order St. Peter and Paul Knight Hans-Georg Pesch took the vow towards the new Grandmaster. The solemn drink among the knights followed by Wolfgang Steinhardt, Lothar Gellert, Hans-Georg Pesch and Gerhard Ficker. Afterwards the guests stood up to to drink to the health of the new Grandmaster.

In his following inaugural speech the Grandmaster once again described the pass of independency of our order from the Grand Chapter of Germany of the Confraternity of Knights of St. Peter & St. Paul to the German Knightly Order St. Peter and Paul. He pointed out the still friendly connections to the International Confraternity and the Grandmaster Peter Paul Portelli. Lothar Gellert expressed his joy that our new order was quickly accepted by many other orders and charitable organisations. He hoped that a cooperation for people in need may exist further on and that it will be expanded across the borders.

In order to give a brief insight into our previous projects the Honorable Dame of Grace Brigitte Gellert delivered a power point presentation concerning previous and present charitable projects.

After the break the new Grandmaster invited to free speech and he accepted requests to speak. Then he officially took over the members Christina Gellert, Brigitte Gellert, Hans-Georg Pesch, Gerhard Ficker and Alice und Christian Daume from the Confraternity of the Knights of St. Peter & St. Paul into the German Knightly Order St. Peter and Paul by handing out the decrees. 1st Deputy Grandmaster is Knight Hans-Georg Pesch, the 2nd Deputy Grandmaster Dr. Gerhard Ficker.

Another highlight of the investiture was the appointment as Knights and Dames by an accolade. Although our order bases on medieval traditions we are nevertheless a progressive community because also Dames get an accolade. After the Grandmaster once again pointed out the nature of a Knight/Dame (such as loyalty, stability, generosity, humility, goodness, courage, charity and devotion to God) the postulants Tatjana Filiput, Darko Filiput (Slovenia) and Jo Bal (Malta) promised to maintain these ideals. Kneeling or standing they gave their vow and got their decrees.

It was a special joy for the Grandmaster to appoint two young squires. Under the leadership of their parents Dame Tatjana Filiput and Knight Darko Filiput Maxim (6 years old) and Filip (10 years old) started their knightly career.

In order to establish the German Knightly Order St. Peter and Paul not only by substantive work but also on a geographical level the Grandmaster Lothar Gellert set up Grand Priories, Grand Commanderies and Commanderies. Therefore he named the following members for its leadership by handing out the relevant decrees:

Grand Priory of Germany: Hans-Georg Pesch
Grand Commandery of Lower Saxony and Eastern Germany: Brigitte Gellert
Grand Commandery of Malta and Gozo: Jo Bal
Grand Commandery of Slovenia: Darko Filiput
Honorable Commandery of Saxony: Dr. Horst-Achim Ehrenbrecht

After the Grandmaster appreciated him in an honorable speech and vita it was a special concern of the Grandmaster to give the honorable membership of the Knightly Order of St. Peter and Paul to his friend and example of knightly behaviour, Senator Prof. h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt.

High-ranking representatives of other orders used the investiture to make appointments and awards. This shows that some of us belong to several orders and institutions. The 2nd Lieutenant Jan-Philipp Gellert from the Naval Comradeship Archduke Ferdinand Max within the Lazarus Union, Commandery of Germany, was appointed into the Hosp. Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem by the Grandprior Peter Michael Neuen.

Senator Prof. h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, the President of the Lazarus Union and Grandmaster of the Knighthood of Honor of the Lazarus Union, awarded our Most Honorable Dame of Grace Christina Gellert for her performances and merits as 2nd Deputy General Secretary with the Peace Cross of the Lazarus Union with the Diamond Star. The fact that Wolfgang Steinhardt honoured Gabriele and Peter Michael Neuen from the Lazarus Order by handing out the Blessing Medal shows that the Lazarus Union and the Lazarus Order respect each other and honour the merits of single members.

Afterwards the Grandmaster thanked everyone who had prepared the investiture. He especially thanked his wife, his son and his sister. Furthermore the couple Merschformann, proprietors of the restaurant “Centralhof”. They got a certificate of gratitude for their active support of our order. Harald Ladusch who was responsible for the technique like last year also got a certificate of gratitude.

Before the investiture ceremony ended the Grandmaster Lothar Gellert asked for donations to support the special school for handicapped and non-handicapped pupils in Lengerich.

The official part was completed by singing “Auld Lang Syne” with Andrea Hillenhinrichs, Harald Ladusch and the Grandmaster playing the accordion. The eventful afternoon ended with forming the “brotherly chain”, extinguishing the candles and the announcement “Capitulum ex est” by the Grandmaster.

In another hall a delicious knight’s dinner was then served. In a relaxed atmosphere the Grandmaster Lothar Gellert and the Grandmaster of the Sovereign Dynastic Order of the Takovo Cross, HRH Prince Predrag Obrenovic, exchanged Letters of Friendship.

In beautiful weather a small group of not yet departed guests made a guided tour through the medieval town Tecklenburg the next morning.

The German Knightly Order of St. Peter and Paul thanks all members and guests who enriched the investiture by their presence.


Brigitte Gellert

This organization is a group member of the Lazarus Union.