Ing. Peter Domweber elected for HBI

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Ing. Peter Domweber
elected HBI (Commanding Officer) Voluntary Fire Brigade Grafendorf

The Uniform Commissioner of the Lazarus Union Brigadier General CSLI Ing. Peter Domweber was elected „HBI“ (Commanding Officer) of the voluntary fire brigade Grafendorf. (



A report by „Spectator“, translated by Christina Gellert

On Saturday February 18th 2017 the annual obligated meeting of the voluntary fire brigade Grafendorf took place. Its commander „Abschnittsbrandinspektor (ABI)“ Alois Gleichweit could not only welcome his comrades but also „Oberbrandrat (OBR)“ Johann Hönigschnabl and Mayor Johann Handler at the restaurant Koller „Kirchenwirt“. After reports given by the commander and all officials of the fire brigade committees promotions and honors were awarded.

The promotion for the comrades „Löschmeister (LM d.F.)“ David Hofer and „Hauptlöschmeister (HLM d.F.)“ Josef Handler was especially pleasant. Both comrades got the bronze merit medal of the country fire service association.

The highlight among the promotions was the conferment of the merit cross of the Styrian Government for „Hauptbrandmeister (HBM d.V.)“ Fritz Meierhofer. He was honored for being treasurer of the fire service since 30 years.

The meeting was finished after the speeches of the honorable guests.
The cycle for the fire service elections were changed due tot he amendment of the changing of the law for country fire brigades in 2007.
Because of this cycle the elections of the fire brigade commander and the deputy fire brigade commander also took place on Saturday February 18th 2017 in Grafendorf.

The current commander Alois Gleichweit did no longer stand for election. From now on he will concentrate on the tasks of a section fire brigade commander. „The leadership of the fire service Grafendorf has now to be managed by younger people“, said the outgoing commander.

The previous spokeman „Oberlöschmeister (OLM)“ Peter Domweber stood for election of the fire service commander and the current deputy „Oberbrandinspektor (OBI)“ Ewald Rammel stood for election of the deputy fire service commander. Both comrades were elected with a high majority.

Now the comrades of the voluntary fire brigade Grafendorf can face a succesful future with its leaders HBI Peter Domweber and OBI Ewald Rammel.

The Lazarus Union corporates with many voluntary fire service associations in entire Austria and congratulates very warmly and with much pride Ing. Peter Domweber for his personal succes.


* The ranks were not translated on purpose because there are no synonyms of ranks in the fire fighting systems of English speaking countries.