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Dear Comrades!
Dear Friends and Patrons of the Lazarus Union!

The CSLI Italy is firmly anchored in the Desaster relief in Italy and has sent the following call for help to the disaster command of the Lazarus Union. The Disaster Relieve Team responded immediately andtransfered a substantial amount to CSLI Italy. However, this will be (unfortunately) not be enough, which is why we ask You to make further donations directly to the specific account of CSLI Italy. For Your further Information, we would like to state that our catastrophe fund is filled exclusively from the Profit of our WEB SHOP and we do not receive any public Funding, nor do the Lazarus Union also want such funding.

Tank You very much in davance!

Civil Protection exercise 2-10-2018 n.2




Here is the help call of the CSLI Italy:

Dear Wolfgang*), Lothar**) and Roberto***)!
Dear Comrades!

As you probably already know, on the evening of March 9th the Italian Prime Minister Mr. Conte declared the entire Country a “red zone” for Coronavirus emergency. The Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro proudly represents the Lazarus Union in Italy and as part of the national civil protection system we were activated by the regional authorities of Campania for the emergency COVID-19.

Our volunteers, almost all young people, are called to control the flow of people on the territory and measure their body temperature. Given the extraordinary situation and the scarcity of specific equipment available (disposable gloves, masks, disposable coveralls, uniforms and more) we ask all our friends of the Lazarus Union for a support and donation, even a small one, for our Italian Corps. 

So I ask You for collaboration in spreading the request of support, we are also organizing a similar support campaign in Italy also to ensure that volunteers can be present in activities in the areas constantly supplied with adequate protective devices. 

We assure those who want to give us a hand that all donations will be used to support our volunteers and the association, therefore, as a small sign of gratitude for those who want to make more important donations, we can send you a small gadget as a sign of appreciation and a certificate. We are sure that the support of the Lazarus Union, the solidarity organization par excellence, will not be missing and we will keep you updated.

Thank you very much!

My best greetings

*) Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, Founder of the Lazarus Union
**) Prof.DDr. Lothar Gellert, Genera Plenipotentiary of the Lazarus Union
***) General CSLI Roberto Ortiz, 1st Vice President of the Lazarus Union

Link to the homepage of the CSLI Italy:

Antonio Virgili March 2020

Prof. Antonio Virgili
Presidente Nazionale e
Comandante di Corpo CiC delle Operazioni Internazionali CSLI in Europa
Vice Presidente Internazionale della Lazarus Union

Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro 
Corso Amedeo di Savoia 218 80136 Napoli Italia  Email:




UBI Banca, Branch Napoli Vomero 6534
Galleria Vanvitelli N. 42
80127 Napoli
Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro
IBAN: IT64I0311103408000000000487
Betreff: Donation for COVID-19 emergency



We are happy About such reactions

From: “Cxxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxxx” *) Name of the editor known

Date: 8. April 2020



Subject: Thank You letter

Message body:
Ladies and gentlemen of the Lazarus Union,

A few days ago I learned by chance about your organization and about the heroic work of the Italian crisis team supporting their home country.

Thank you for the great work you and your volunteers do every day. I think it is admirable what the Lazarus Union is doing in these difficult days! 

That is why I made a donation to CSLI Italy today and wrote to many of my comrades and friends encouraging them to follow my example. I will continue to stand up for the Lazarus Union and its encouraging achievements. I hope many people will respond to the appeal for donations!

I wish you and your team a lot of health and further on courage and commitment. Stay strong!

Cxxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxxx *) Name of the editor known