Musical Entertainment with the MK-EFM Germany


Musical entertainment
in the afternoon for
handicapped people

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On 12th August 2018 members of the National Command of Germany of the Naval Comradeship Vice Admiral Archduke Ferdinand Max and the Shanty Choir “Original Osnabrücker Windjammer (OOW)” arranged a music program for handicapped people and people with serious disabilities at the “St. Maria Elisabeth Haus” in Bad Laer – a nursing home that belongs to the Caritas Association Osnabrück.

This nursing home consists of four single buildings on one area. In total 86 people live here. The disabilities of the residents are very different ranging up to deaf, dumb and blind in one person.

A day activity center is part of the home. Here this people with disabilities can do some simple industrial work.

For those who are not able to leave the home so called “circles of season” are offered. Here the actual seasons can be imparted to them.

On the area there are also apartments among a settlement for people with disabilities less serious. This project is very successful because the residents are fully integrated into the daily life of the settlement. During the day they work in a sheltered workshop located in a city nearby.

The home is strongly connected with local associations i.e. the shooting club. With the support of the shooting club a champion of the home will be identified who can then take part in the parade of the club.

The “Shanty-afternoon” on August 12th was a special attraction for the residents. Well before the official beginning those who were able to go and their relatives went to the great lounge. Those who were no longer mobile were supported by the staff.

Blick ins Publikum

Many expectant spectators with their relatives


Welcome by the director of the home

After a short welcome by Mrs Hülsmann (director of the home) the music tour started immediately. Songs like “Heut geht es an Bord” or “Wir lagen vor Madagaskar”, which were sung by the entire choir, were accompanied by enthusiastic clapping and singing by some residents and their relatives. Playing solo-songs like “Ich bin ein Mädchen von Piräus” and “Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins” we all could feel the joy of the residents. Such was the enthusiasm to sing and clap along that it didn’t kept some residents on their chairs any more.

Blick ins Publikum

The entire choir in action.

The program came to an end with the song “Und jetzt geht es mit Volldampf nach Hause”. We could still feel the joy of the residents and this was very emotional and moving for us. We will all come back with great pleasure.


Prof.Dr. Lothar Gellert
Captain Master CSLI NC

also member of the musical direction of the OOW-choir