Eastern Action of CSLI Germany


A Sweet Delight Donated by The Saint Lazarus Corps International

It is always a great pleasure to welcome you to the Burgkunstadter Table charity offices,” said Board Chair Silke Mohler, welcoming Sven Dietel and his companions to Burgkunstadter City Hall for the last food distribution before Easter. As always, the Commander of CSLI Germany had not come empty-handed. Together with his wife Katja and daughter Alexa, he handed over 100 Chocolate Easter Bunny selections for the Table children who were delighted with this sweet surprise.

We have some new colleagues in our ranks who missed our Advent campaign in November, so we have prepared this special treat for the children at Easter,” said bearer of the gifts Sven, who then briefly described CSLI Germany and its objectives: the CSLI is an independent, private organization which is dedicated to humanitarian tasks, according to the ideals and spirit of Saint Lazarus.

Members have the common aim to serve other people through disaster relief, looking after people with disabilities and helping the homeless. All members of CSLI are volunteers and the organization, founded in Austria, now also has a large number of supporters in Germany.

Obermain Tagblatt vom 04. April 2015