New points of departure in transitioning disaster reduction and sustainability challenges

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International Conference at Northumbria University
Newcastle, 17-19 July 2019


The conference aims to stimulate debate and advance thinking around ‘New Points of Departure in Transitioning Disaster Reduction and Sustainability Challenges’ building on the progress made in the recent United Nations Global Platform 2019 and in anticipation of the forthcoming Climate Summit. New points of departure are needed in relation to science and technology, political will and behaviour to bring systemic changes to the way people take on disaster threats and sustainability challenges, to survive and to thrive.

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The National Chief Communication Officer and expert in disaster management Alexander Virgili, Lt. Col. CSLI, has represented the Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro at the Conference organised at the Northumbria University in Newcastle (UK). The Conference had six plenary sessions on the following topics:

1) ‘Setting the Scene – Why we need new points of departure for disaster reduction and sustainability’;
2) ‘Facing changing challenges of disaster management policy and implementation’;
3) ‘Transitioning health and well-being in Disaster Risk Management’;
4) ‘Future systemic challenges’;
5) ‘Action and hope in transitioning from disaster scenarios to sustainable futures’;
6) “New points of departure in transitioning disaster reduction and sustainability challenges”.

Alexander Virgili, who had been invited as a panelist at the symposium related to youth engagement in disaster risk reduction, has brought his experience gained in the field, in Italy, through the activities of the Corps and compared the strategies and approaches used in the various Countries, a useful comparison of applied disaster managing.


 Prof. Antonio Virgili, LtGen CSLI
Vice President of the Lazarus Union
Commander in Chief CSLI Italy