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Tuesday, 17. August 2017

Brunner Ludwig 2016  Report by Ludwig Brunner

In the absence of the President of the Lazarus Union Prof. h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt and HBO Reinhard Graf of the Austrian Veteran’s Association ÖKB Sierndorf (because of important external dates) Chevalier and Vice President of the CSLI Lazarus Union Ludwig Brunner and the Deputy Chairmen of the ÖKB Gottfried Helfer and Anton Haftner handed out the membership certificates.

The Mayor Gottfried Muck provided the Community Hall despite of urgent dates and he gave a short welcome address.

Afterwards the Deputy Chairman of the Austrian Veteran’s Association ÖKB Gottfried Helfer handed out the certificates of accession to Mrs. Monika Gries and Mr. Hans Rudolf Gries.

The Vice President of the Lazarus Union handed out the certificates of accession of the Lazarus Union to Mr. Christian Damm, Mrs. Frau Andrea Groher, Mrs. Edeltraud Dienstl, Mr. Alfred Dienstl, Mr. Gottfried Helfer, Mrs. Josefine Novak, Mr. Josef Novak, Mr. Peter Prem and Mr. BGM Gottfried Muck, who also got the Nobel Peace Price Medal 2017.

BGM Muck was appointed Colonel CSLI h.c. and he also got the Lazarus Chronicle.

The successful evening came to an end with interesting small talks and an excellent Austrian potato speciality called „Erdäpfelgulasch“, that was made by the Deputy Chairman Anton Haftner.

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