Funeral of Colonel CSLI Manfred Renner



Ceremony of Farewell for
Colonel CSLI Manfred Renner

Oliver Gruber-Lavon Ochoa  A report by Oliver Gruber-Lavin

Hannes Hochmuth MK-EFM  Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth – Pressphotographer

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On Wednesday 22nd November the solemn funeral of our comrade Colonel CSLI Manfred Renner took place at the cemetery „Mödling“. Despite the ceremony was scheduled for lunchtime on a weekday many Knights of Honour of the Lazarus Union came to pay their last respects to their comrade.

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After the coffin had been laid out it was covered with the pall of the Knighthood of Honour and a guard of honour consisting of 6 members of the Knighthood of Honour took place at the coffin.

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The ceremony started with a solemn fanfare and the welcome address given by the Protocol Officer and was then followed by a candle ceremony.

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Markus Podorsky, a friend of the family, spoke some very emotional and personal words. Afterwards the Federal Chaplain of the Lazarus Union Pater Mag. Stephan Schnitzer spoke words of farewell.

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After the composition „Nearer my God to thee“ the Master of Technic Wolfgang Denk took his leave of the deceased on behalf of the organisation „Yama Arashi“. The deceased was an enthusiastic martial artist all his life.

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On behalf of the many present comrades of the Austrian Veteran’s Association the Vice President Erich Müller spoke words of farewell and appreciated the merits of the deceased for this community of values.

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Then followed the „Prayer from the Austrian Military Tattoo” with explications given by the Protocol Officer concerning the “Lazarus Union March”.

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Afterwards the President and Grand Master of the Knighthood of Honour, Senator Prof. h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt gave the funeral speech. The Grand Master posthumously named comrade Manfred Renner who was not allowed to experience this honour at the next investiture a Knight of Honour of the Lazarus Union. The Grand Master handed out the insignias of the Knighthood of Honour to the mother of the deceased.

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The prayer of the Knights of Honour together with the mourners at the coffin followed after the Knight’s fanfare. The farewell in the church came to an end with the composition “The last Post” and a minute of silence.

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Accompanied by a drum roll the coffin was carried out by the coffin bearers.

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The funeral procession formed up: The Music Corps and the Banner of the Lazarus Union, further banners, the coffin accompanied by the guard of honour, the family, the Austrian Veteran’s Association as well as more organisations and mourners.

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At the grave a very emotional address was given by a comrade of Manfred Renner from his time at the “Jagdkommando” (at that time he was his army instructor). Afterwards Pater Mag. Stephan Schnitzer OSB blessed the coffin and spoke some parting words.

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After the composition „I had a comrade“ and three gun salutes given by the “Deutschmeister Schützenkorps” the coffin was lowered to the soil while a trumpet-soloist played the “Austrian Military Tattoo”.

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The marching out of the music together with the guard of honour, the Banner of the Lazarus Union, all participating organisations and traditional units formed the end of the ceremony.

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Oliver Gruber-Lavin, Grand Chancellor of the Knighthood of Honour